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Artisans d'Azure | Mission & Team

Mission & Values

Since 2005, Les Artisans d'Azure is a company with several components and various services adapted for the LARP players needs and the geek community. Whether in store or directly with our artisans, we are here to listen and help you achieve your dreams. We work directly with individuals customers and many business

Mission: To improve quality in medieval events, Les Artisans d'Azure offers authentic, accessible and LARP players adapted  items.


  • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Orientation
  • Effectiveness
  • Creativity
  • Self Development
  • Professionalism


  • LARP Players
  • Cosplayers
  • Theater
  • Films & TV
  • Gamers
  • Specialized Companies
What is a LARP ?

Life action role-playing game (or just the abbreviation "LARP") take place during a given time, often at a full weekend in a particular environment, whether natural or urban. Participants interact together in a form of improvisational theater basing their play on the characters they invented. Much like table top role play games, rules govern all to keep a balance between the players. The organizers of the event may also provide some adventures, quests and events to improve the game session.

This live role playing sessions, says LARP, involve several aspects: language, physical ability, sports battle, decor and costumes. Les Artisans d'Azure therefore intervene on the latter, but not the least! The importance of clothing and armor is illustrated in creating a better atmosphere and immersion of his character.

More references and informations are available on Wikipedia.


Artisans d'Azure Team

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General Manager & Designer
Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay

Email: samuel@artisansdazure.com

Since 2005
The company's founder, Samuel guides the team towards the success of the business, while respecting the mission of improving the costumes in LARPs.

Production Foreman
Maxime Turgeon

Email: maxime@artisansdazure.com

Since 2009
The constancy and the organization of Maxime maintains our high quality standards and, in time, our effective orders management.

Steeve Verville

Email: steeve@artisansdazure.com

Since 2011
Handyman and experienced craftsman, Steeve's genius is essential to solving our most complex projects and problems.

Craftsman & Tailor
Geneviève Cotineau

Email: genevieve@artisansdazure.com

Since 2011
Creative and talented, Genevieve, with a pattern maker education, manufactures complete costumes: armors and clothing.

Stéphane Normandin

Email: stephane@artisansdazure.com

Since 2012
Efficient and accurate craftsman, Stéphane provided our inventory and he is always ready to offer good ideas for management improvement

Craftsman & Seller
Christian Buteau

Email: christian@artisansdazure.com

Since 2015
Friendly and a cheerful boardgames specialist, Christian always improves the store and he produces your favorite accessories.

Craftsman & Shipping
Jean-François Pilote

Email: jean-francois@artisansdazure.com

Since 2015
Original and trustworthy creator, Jean-François manufactures armors and offers a different perspective on LARPs. In addition, he does your packages.

Maxime Girard-Simmons

Email: maxime.gs@artisansdazure.com
Since 2015
Attentive and LARP passionate, Maxime hears your requirements and he advises you the best products available in store.

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Linda Bonneau

Email: linda@artisansdazure.com

Since 2012
Organized and careful, Linda supports the company by good accounting reports and her essentiel knowledge.

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Simon Tremblay

Email: stremblay@phpcreation.com

Since 2009
Specializing in custom programming, Simon carbide with a thirst for challenge and for performance. He keeps us technologically up to date.


Partner Organizations

Les Artisans d'Azure store and workshop spent several steps since starting. Our team would like to sincerely thank all the organizations that contribute to the growth of the company. The support takes different forms: training, grants, loans, coaching and technical support.

Several employees, apprentices and trainees participated and still participates in our mission: To improve the decorum LARP players !

Thank you to all our partners, our suppliers, our dealers and our artisans!

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