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Custom Creations

Custom Creations

You look rather special parts or anything in the standard products made the deal with your character. Your quest is not a failure, because the workshop of Les Artisans d'Azure can also respond to specific needs! Our team has the experience, technology and network as a well-stocked to meet your special projects.

What we can do

  • Custom Leather Armors
  • Special Accessories
  • Unique and special Clothing
  • Complete Cosplay Set
  • Costume designs for films, tv, circus and theater


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In addition to our regular collection of products, we have developed dozens of projects and custom armor. Follow us!



Custom Ordering

The custom creation process takes a few weeks. The first step is to contact us by email or at shop with the following information. We can then determined the project value and confirm details with you. After the initial payment, the project will be handled by one of our experienced craftsmen. Our production lead time is about 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Delivery Address
  • Project Description
  • Images, sketches and inspiration pictures
  • Necessary Measures, on request
  • 50% Deposit or Full payment to start the project

Measurements for men

Measurements for men


Measurements for women

Measurements for women

Copyright & Creations

Some of our customers send us pictures from movies, video games and other artisans. We accept well on these documents to better understand customer needs. It should be noted that no copies will be made to several ethical and technical reasons. So that they can only be sources of inspiration.

The designs made by Les Artisans d'Azure belong to the company. It is strictly forbidden to imitate, copy or reproduce our designs for commercial purposes.

No exclusivity is give to custom projects. Whether this is purely our design or idea from you, we believe that its technical realization (creation of patterns, assembly techniques and production of the project) gives reproduction rights. Therefore, we reserve the right to all our products show online or in store.


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