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Contact Lenses - Makeup & Masks - Accessories

Contact Lenses

Add depth to your character when you fix the enemy in the eye. Sold in pairs and without strength, Primal's contact lens have a lifespan of three (3) months. It is advised to read the interview guide, to use the lens cleaner and practice putting them on and off before going to roleplay or a special evening. Products certified by Health Canada, the US FD, and in accord with European standards.

While some women may destroy a man with a single look, imagine what we can do with Primal contact lenses.

Safety tips

  • Always wash your hands before putting on or removing the lenses
  • NEVER sleep with the lenses on
  • Do not wear the lenses for more than 8 hours periods 
  • Always wash the lenses with contact lense solution between each use
  • Do not wear the lenses past the expiration date 
  • For more informations, please read the safety instructions provided inside the box