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Professional Makeup & FX Service

Makeup Service


Heroically embody your character !

Located in Montreal, our team of professional makeup artists adapts to your artistic ideas and special effects needs. Do you want to embody an unforgettable cosplay or magically transform yourself into an imaginary creature? If you are planning a unique event where the participants must wear makeup: enhance the experience with our expertise and high quality products.

Multiple Styles

  • Fantasy Creatures
  • Cosplays & Various characters
  • Zombies & Undeads
  • Installment of prostheses & Scars
  • Realistic, futuristic, horror !

Personalized Setups

  • Event Booths
  • Geeks conventions & Festivals
  • Shooting photos
  • Live Action Roleplaying Games
  • Corporate Theme Parties
  • Film shoots & Shows

Adapted Services

  • Polyvalent Makeup Artists
  • Mobile & Available team
  • Accessories & Complementary services
  • Custom Stencils


From the costume to the skin, transport yourself into another world !


Present your makeup concept to our specialistanne-marie@artisansdazure.com


Makeup Portfolio

Photos by: Hérôle - Éric Dubé - Open Shutter Photography - Lexa One Photographie - Sébastien Laflèche - and more !