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From the most sacred religious texts, to the wizard's secret arcane lore, scrolls often hold unfathomable power. May it be the way to magical might, the proof of a prestigious noble lineage, or to wield the lawful strength of a king's decree, words hold direct influence on the world, but need a vessel to travel trough time and distance. The scroll, loved by messengers, trustworthy friend of the town-crier, consort of the scholar, is often the best way to write down texts of importance and demonstrate the power of knowledge. Available in various sizes and teints, often rolled around a wood dowel, these scrolls from Davy Jones's Locker are perfect for any official document, map, magical text, or important letter. With their hydrophobic finish, hand dye, and high quality canvas, they are at the high end of LARP accessories

Parchment and ink wield the highest form of power, as they are the vessels of knowledge and wisdom