Made in Canada - Local LARP Products

Made in Canada - Local LARP Products

The LARP community is well developed in Eastern Canada and especially around us in Quebec. All these events bring players into the hobby, and players bring demand for well crafted products to put their characters to life. This is a small but dynamic ecosystem within which Les Artisans d'Azure managed to find a predominant place, not only as a leather working shop, but also as a store that features the creations of many other local artisans and craftspeople.

At Les Artisans d'Azure, we like to prioritize products that are created locally and to encourage people that share our roots within the domestic LARP scene. That can be seen with our many local partners and suppliers. Many smaller artisans have no permanent sale location, and our store becomes the best way for the players to access the products and feel them in their hands. Providing them a platform to feature their creations is something we value dearly.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our current local brands.

Les Artisans d'Azure

While we may be known first as a LARP store, it's in the workshop that Les Artisans d'Azure has its soul. We have been making leather armors and LARP accessories for more than a decade, and roughly half of our team is made out of artisans working with leather and other materials to create gear and costume for the community. All our creations are made by hand in our workshop, at the same location you can find our shop in Montreal.

We are also proud to assist the whole leather crafting community, may it be amateur or professional artisans, by selling tools and supplies, as well as giving access to training classes in winter.

Nemesis Workshop

These incredible foamsmiths have been among our closest partners for years. Masters of latex weaponry and LARP enthusiasts extraordinaire, the people from Nemesis have collaborated with us on numerous occasions, sharing designs, working on custom projects, and hiring our artisans for high-grade scabbards for their swords. It is with no surprise that we like to keep a well-supplied inventory of their weapons in our store.


World pioneer in the creation of foam based LARP weapons, Calimacil has been a partner for years, often collaborating with us and other local artisans for new designs and accessories, such as our rigid scabbards created to accommodate their swords. As one of the biggest LARP weapon suppliers in the world, having them as neighbors is a privilege, and their creations remain a staple in our weapon racks.


A talented artisan based in Montreal, Peg is the woman behind Isil, and she brings all of her skills into every of her highly detailed creations. Familiar with the LARP community, she explores intricate steampunk and fantasy styles in her craft. On top of featuring her designs in store, we also have the honor of counting on her hands in the workshop as part of the team at Les Artisans d'Azure.

❧ L'Atelier des Cache-Misères

Do you like medieval felt hats? We do, and we do not know any brand that comes near the quality and vibrant colors offered by l'Atelier des Caches-Misères. This small business specializes in historical medieval clothing and accessories, and we simply cannot get enough of their hats, which are made by hand with so much care and love.

❧ Atelier Wotan

When someone needs a hat for a LARP character and that leather is involved, we never look further than Wotan. We collaborated with this small business countless times for custom projects, and we love to have their products in store to please our pirate and Renaissance enthusiasts. These high quality leather hats are handmade and tough as nails, perfect for outdoor events and the needs of the LARP community.

❧ Chand'Miel

Candlelight is one of the most atmospheric ways to bring light into the night during a medieval event, and nothing matches the decorum appeal of authentic beeswax candles made with traditional techniques. Chand'Miel is owned by a local candlemaker, Carl Beaumont, that keeps that ancient craftsmanship alive here in Quebec. We are more than happy to feature his creations. Nothing matches the welcoming smell that spread in the store when we receive a new shipment.

❧ Créations Sydéral

Owned by a long-time hat enthusiast and designer, Julie, this small business specializes in authentic hat making craftsmanship. They provide fashionable hats, as well as medieval, historical, and fantasy designs for the LARP community. If you are looking for a handmade wizard hat, a fancy tricorn, or amazing straw hats for your peasant character, search no more, for we have all these products and more from Créations Sydéral.

❧ McCormick Wands

A dedicated woodcrafter, Mr. McCormick creates magical wands, made by hand from noble wood essences. Each wand is truly unique, with not two pieces having the same design, length, or wood composition. They are unmatched accessories for witches, wizards, druids, sorcerers, and occultists in LARP. If you seek these creations, come see them in store, for what kind of spellcaster buys a wand without holding it first?

MacQueen Pipes

This family-owned business is the 20 years old progeny of a pair of brothers that share a passion for smoking pipes and wood crafting. Made by hand of high quality wood, it's pretty much impossible to find better products for a LARP character, may they be wizened wizards, rugged rangers, or cozy halflings.

✧ Conclusion

The local crafting community of artisans and small workshops is truly a marvel to behold. While we featured here a few of our most beloved partners, it barely scratches the surface of what exists in terms of LARP gear made in Canada. There is plenty of leather workers, costume designers, seamstresses, weapon makers, and creatives we didn't mention here, but that can often be found online, at their own physical location, or at the yearly Montreal Medieval Fair. If you get the chance, come have a look at what they make. We are merely one among many at Les Artisans d'Azure.



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