Top 5: Chainmail

Top 5: Chainmail for LARP

Chainmail is one of the most important armor types across History, remaining in use from the depth of the Iron Age well into the Medieval Era. It's an iconic piece of equipment and armor that can be used again and again with so many characters in LARP, may they be historically inspired or with fantasy designs.

In this blog, we selected our five best chainmail pieces of equipment, taking into consideration cost, aesthetics, function, and versatility for LARP use.

✧ The Viking's Chain Shirt

The Ragnar chainmail is a short-sleeved chainmail that resembles the armors favored by Germanic people of the Iron Age and Medieval era, from Saxons to Norse warriors. It's the iconic armor of the Viking raider, providing good protection for the core, while not weighing down the arms. Available in various sizes and two different steel colors, this armor is a top pick for LARP gear, the epitome of medium armor.

✧ The Knight's Chainmail

The Alaric Chainmail is a long-sleeved mail tunic that is typical of the High Middle Ages or roughly the period of the Crusades. A knightly armor, this chainmail offers full limb protection and, while heavy, allows more freedom of movement than plate armor, making it a great choice for warriors that want to balance mobility and protection.

✧ The LARPer's Best Friend

A creature born of the needs of the LARP community, this modern abomination is controversial among purists, but undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and practical armor you can wear in any roleplaying event. The aluminum chainmail combines the full-body covering of chain, protecting the whole arms without gaps or cracks, while also being light, flexible, and completely impervious to rust.

This is not the historical armor you bring to reenactment; this is the battlefield chainmail that allows you to fight for hours without struggling with sore shoulders and back pain.

✧ The Poor Man's Chain

Sometimes, a full chainmail may be too expansive or too heavy for your taste, but you still really want that iconic chainmail look to bring your character idea to life. Fear not, for the chainmail mantle is there for you! This shoulder and neck protection covers the upper body and is perfect to boost a costume, worn over a gambeson or a simple leather breastplate. It instantly gives a more martial and rugged look to an outfit, providing that soldiery look that is associated with chainmail.

✧ The Crusader's Coif

May it be to combine with a chainmail body armor or to be worn as the sole chain accessory in your set, the Alaric coif is an inexpensive and versatile piece of headgear that evokes holy knights, crusaders, and battle priests as well as simple soldiers, men-at-arms, or mercenary warriors. It can sometimes even be simply worn around the neck like a smaller mantle, without having to be pulled over the head.

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