Top 5 - Female Armors

Feminine Armors

Women have been a part of LARPing since its beginning, but sometimes, access to medieval gear isn’t as easy as for their male counterparts, especially when it comes to armors. That is something we are aware of at Les Artisans d’Azure, and trying to counteract with a few designs of our own. We created five armors for the women in our hobby, each answering to a specific need or famous theme in fantasy.

✧ Armor Corset

The first of our armor designs, and debatably the most cliché, the armor corset feed into that old school Dungeons and Dragons’ fantasy of sexy female adventurers, wearing corsets and exposing some skin in battle

It works like a thick leather shapewear that supports and holds the figure closely, and is very adjustable with three sets of laces and also straps up front. It doesn’t cover the chest area, for that sometimes infamous breast window effect.  While this is a perfectly valid look to go for in LARP, it certainly doesn’t fit with most character concepts or all players’ preferences. Other designs were needed.

✧ Women Breastplate

In contrast with the previous design, this simple breastplate was created for a more practical use, its shape maximizing protection and comfort for the wearer. The convex shape gives room for the bosom while also protecting it, while the back straps give room to adjust it to the wearer. It’s not yet a full armor set, but it provides this basic and versatile body armor many women need for their warriors and fighters in LARP.

✧ Valkyrie’s Armor

The first of our full armor sets designed for women, the Valkyrie takes inspiration from iconic warriors from popular culture such as Xena, while also being influenced by Norse and Greek mythology. A great fantasy outfit, it leans more into the stylistic than the practical side, but still offers complete body protection, including a battle skirt and a coif. It’s also decorated with laser engravings, a level of finish that was unique at the time for any of our standard products.

✧ Outlaw’s Armor

Leaning heavily into the rogue and ranger fantasy archetypes, this high-end leather armor looks absolutely amazing and offers great mobility with its innovative design that combines a battle belt and a breastplate. This allows the armor to provide full-body protection while also highlighting the waist and keeping it flexible. The Outlaw set comes with a fashionable leather hood as well as the most comfortable leather bracers you can find, lined in soft leather so they can be easily worn against the skin.

✧ Shieldmaiden’s Armor

The last and certainly not the least of our feminine armor sets, the Shieldmaiden was designed in two ranges, available in simple brown or black leather, or in an epic version heavily decorated with laser engravings, dyes, and paints. These two designs make it both a great basic armor for any female combatant, but also an astonishing armor for Viking-themed warrior women in its deluxe range.

With a long leather skirt and a molded breastplate that covers the whole body from the neck to the top of the hips, this armor is the perfect compromise between achieving a pleasing fantasy look without compromising on protection or practicality. It also includes a gorgeous spectacle helmet made of leather, which is second to none in terms of design, at least among our creations.

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