Top 5: Leather Armors

Top 5: Leather Armors

At Les Artisans d'Azure, we have been making leather armors for a long time, and it would be lying to say we do not have our favorites among the many models we designed for our dear LARP community. If we are proud of all our designs, all made by hand in our workshop in Canada, those five really surpass the others in their own unique way.

✧ Most Imposing - The Viking Armor

With its iconic design combining lamellar leather scale patterns with dyed vegetable leather, the Viking Armor is a stunning Norse-inspired set made to pay homage to historical Vikings while firmly placing itself in fantasy, for this armor would not feel out of place in Skyrim or other Nordic fictional realms.

With its wide pauldrons, robust tassets, rugged battle gauntlets, and impressively detailed design, the Viking Armor stands among the greatest of our creations and deserves the title of Most Imposing.

✧ Most Elegant - The Assassin Armor

With a unique asymmetrical design combining supple leather, black dyed leather, and textile, the Assassin Armor is a work of art and the ultimate set for any gallant assassin or noble rogue. The armor pays homage to the Assassin's Creed franchise with the hood and skirt and displays the skills of our whole team with its various materials.

With its half-cloak and flowing skirt, this form-fitting and masterfully crafted armor set is the only one among our creations that bland so well refinement and deadly menace, winning it the title of Most Elegant.

✧ Most Iconic - The Samurai Armor

Feudal Japan is almost as popular as an inspiration than medieval Europe for fantasy and LARP. In that regard, creating a leather-based samurai armor was only a question of time, and despite using different materials and techniques than the historical armors worn by the Japanese warrior caste, our leather armor really looks like the real thing, making that iconic eastern look available for LARPers without need for complex crafting techniques.

With the use of leather laces to attach the various pieces together, this armor's composition and finish are truly unique and fitting of the title of Most Iconic.

✧ Most Popular - The Scoundrel Armor

One of our early successes, the Scoundrel Armor was designed with rogue and ranger types in mind, and still speaks to a lot of LARPer, as it is consistently among our most popular models. With the articulated chest plates, the back scabbards, the big hood, and the decorative leather lacing on the edges, it got a lot of flare despite its simple materials and standard finish.

Fitting for any adventurer, practical for various LARP scenarios, and easy to accessorize around, there is no surprise this armor ends up as the Most Popular in this top 5.

✧ Most Legendary -The Shieldmaiden Armor

If one armor was to be used to display all the skills of our craftspeople, it would be this amazing fantasy Viking armor. This set has it all; engravings, stamping, vibrant dye, sewing, molding, leather painting, composition, looks. Name it, the Shieldmaiden got it! It is by far the most powerful flex we ever achieved for a standard model. While it is a female armor, various pieces like its stunning helmet have been made for customers of all genders, because awesomeness knows no boundaries.

The Shieldmaiden uses every part of our skillset to create this fantasy Norse triumph of formfitting, flowing badassery, making it a clear choice for the title Most Legendary.

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