Top 5: LARP Medieval Dresses

Top 5: Medieval Dresses for LARP

While there are plenty of amazing dresses for medieval characters, LARP often requires clothes that can be worn outside without being burdened by  extravagant design choices. This short list identifies some of our favorite dress designs for active use in LARP, may it be at the inn, the banquet hall, or walking across the muddy paths. For a stunning dress worthy of royalty, we instead invite you to consider our custom creations services.

In LARP, creating a great character costume is often all about layers. For that purpose, it's really important to have a good bottom layer that is comfortable and will blend effortlessly with the other clothes you intend to add on top of it, may it be an apron, a vest, or a cloak.

With its simple historical cut, soft fabric, plain design, and low cost, the Freya is a dress that is perfect to serve as the foundation upon which you can build a costume.

The Norse

Scandinavian-themed characters are very popular in LARP, taking from concepts such as the shieldmaiden, the seer, or Norse mythology at large. This high-quality linen dress is extremely comfortable and heavily decorated with trims around the collar, the sleeves, and the bottom. It's historical inspiration at its best.

The Hearthkeeper is the perfect fit for a local Viking leader, a successful trader, or a famed adventuress, and it can be matched with a complimentary apron to get a full set.

Medieval fantasy is less about historicity than looks and comfort. This unassuming dress is a little marvel for LARP events, its adjustable laces on each side, combined with a clever multi-panel cut, allowing it to fit the figure elegantly, no matter your shape.The laced sleeves also give some flare and additional customization options.

At its low price range, The Priestess is a dress you can afford to go adventuring with, but its style can rival some of the most luxurious models we have in store.

Do you ever struggle to find a dress that has the right color for your needs? Maybe you want to match with your group's coat of arms, or perhaps you have a very precise hue in mind? Well, aside from going for a custom dress, you won't find more color options than with the Red Elise dress, a slim fitted linen dress with back and sleeve lacing.

Very comfortable, this high-quality dress is monochrome with no decorations, making it a great underdress for adventure, while also having the plain elegance to be worn as it is.

Dresses aren't all about balls and banquets. Most historical dresses were working clothes and made to be tough, practical, and resilient. This thick cotton dress takes that approach, reminding of the humble commoners, peasant damsels, servants, tavern maids, and artisans.

This late medieval dress suits a wide array of characters and is particularly friendly to plus-size figures. The Frideswinde dress can also be adjusted with a thick ribbon on the back, to cinch the waist and provide a better fit.


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