Top 5: LARP Swords

Top 5: LARP Swords

Swords are without a doubt lording over the other weapon types in fantasy, and especially in LARP events.They are versatile, easy to carry around, iconic, and fairly competitive in skirmish fights. Swords are also numerous on the market, with countless models and designs to choose from, as can testify our store list.

As a fun little exercise, we made this very subjective list of our favorite swords, based on handling, look, and overall quality.

✧ The Generalist

Sometimes, all you need is a good sword. It doesn't have to be anything specific, just a run-of-the-mill LARP sword that can fit in as many scenarios as possible. If many affordable swords are designed with that intent, the Robert Stark from Calimacil strikes a perfect incarnation of this concept.

With a minimalist design that fits both fantasy and more period-accurate medieval events, it's available in various lengths as well as in a slightly more deluxe version with the Rob Sharp edition. Its foam composition is made to last, making it a great weapon for training and repeated use.It is a sword that doesn't mind occasional abuse.

✧ The Longsword

A longsword is a late medieval sword type that is associated with a two-handed grip and a moderately lengthy blade. Often called a bastard sword by fantasy enthusiasts, it's a versatile weapon that can be wielded with both hands or only one, making it a favorite among LARPers in search of an efficient main weapon.

There are plenty of great longswords on the market, but the Weapon Master's sword from Nemesis Workshop is one of the few that balances handling, blade profile, and finish for a truly high-end feel. The wide blade makes it an imposing weapon, while the design keeps that historical fantasy vibe that fit so well in LARP settings.

✧ The Fencer's Blade

In fantasy, rapiers are associated with swiftness, elegance, and dexterous characters. Diverging from their bulkier historical counterparts, fantasy rapiers are light and nimble, and the best ones for LARP are those that fulfill that role well. In that regard, there is no rapier on the market that is as effortless to handle as the Rapier from Epic Armoury.

Light as a feather and well balanced, this rapier has a guard ring perfectly positioned for those who want to hold it in a pistol grip, like used in fencing. If there are plenty of fancier rapiers on the market, none come close to achieving this perfect feel in the hand.

✧ The Greatsword

Sometimes, a simple sword isn't enough. If you seek to reach, power, and sheer intimidation factor, a greatsword may tempt you with its massive size and aura of power. A staple of fantasy, the greatsword is a battlefield weapon that suits LARP very well and can hold its own against even mighty polearms.

The Nemesis' Flamberge is a gorgeous historical reproduction of the real deal, one of the Renaissance's swords that inspired this now-famous sword type. With a nice heft to it thanks to the sturdy handle, it's a balanced weapon that provides tons of leverage in combat and simply looks amazing. It's hard to find a two-handed sword with an as little wobble in the blade and with such good handling.

✧ The Single Edge

This special choice is a particular favorite of our team. Another historical weapon from Nemesis, this kriegsmesser is a single-edged sword from medieval Germany with a blade profile that reminds of a falchion or other heavy two-handed sabers.

This particular weapon feels so light and well balanced it would deserve a spot on this list for handling alone, but its unique design, historical accuracy, and the beautiful finish make it a truly remarkable weapon for those that are looking for a more unique alternative to a longsword.

Obviously, weapon choice is a very personal matter, and making a top list for these products is a doomed exercise, especially with the high overall quality provided by the manufacturers and artisans making these LARP tools. We simply hope this list may have helped guide some, or make you discover models and brands you didn't initially consider when shopping for a new weapon.

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