Telescopic Spear II
Telescopic Spear II
Telescopic Spear II

Telescopic Spear II


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The spear is without a doubt the most widely used weapon of all times. Everything started with a pointy stick, sharpened to help in the hunt. With metallurgy came sharper points, more durable and efficient. The advantage it procured in war was soon sought after, and entire battalions of pikemen were trained, fighting in tight formations such as the phalanx for devastating effects. Incredibly easy to use, this is the perfect infantry weapon, the signature tool of the soldier to fight in mass combat. Stick them with the pointy end, it's as simple as that. 


Infamously hard to design, thrust centric weapons have often been the bane of LARP weapon makers, the spear in particular being hard to make without compromising too much on safety, weight, or looks. After a decade of research, trials and improvements, Calimacil brings us a redesign of the Telescopic Spear. This time they present us three specialised foam spear heads, each carefully created with a piston mechanism to allow the weapon to absorb impacts by compressing itself. This ensures that the weapon will take back its shape after a strike, and thus be used safely for thrusting in intense combat situation. The spear heads need to be attached to a pole before use. They are delivered mounted on a high durability rounded edge hollow hard urethane shaft. The external diameter measures 30 mm while the internal diameter measures 15 mm. Calimacil now offers a Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Shaft, foam sleeves of various colors, and a polearm pommel to allow you to assemble a complete Calimacil 9-foot spear.

This is the perfect weapon for soldiers in mass combat, as well as to gear up the city watch, a mercenary company, town guards, savage warriors, and monster hunters. 

Model A

Wider and more padded, this spear head minimises impact by spreading the force on a bigger area. 

  • Weight (g): 480-520
  • Total Length (cm): 40
  • Tip diameter (cm): 6
  • Material: PVC, Calimacil Foam, Calimacil Hard urethane blend

Model B

The classic revisited, this new version of Calimacil's previous spear head is a compromise between safety and aesthetics

  • Weight (g): 450-480
  • Total Length (cm): 40
  • Tip diameter (cm): 5
  • Material: PVC, Calimacil Foam, Calimacil Hard urethane blend

Model C

Made sleeker and pointier for increased realism, this spear head gives your spear a thinner profile. 

  • Weight (g): 460-480
  • Total Length (cm): 40
  • Tip diameter (cm): 4
  • Material: PVC, Calimacil Foam, Calimacil Hard urethane blend
  • NOTE : This model isn't allowed in Bicolline 

Made in Quebec, Canada, by Calimacil

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