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This material is a thermoplastic without a mesh. Thibra allows you to create extreme forms (more than Tex), without being limited by any kind of fabric or netting. It is also very smooth, so sanding this material is not needed. This saves you a lot of time compared to other materials. Thibra becomes processable at around 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. When properly heated, Thibra will stay mallable for a couple of minutes. Reheating the material is no problem.

Many users of Thibra do not use primer on the material. They find it not neccesary as Thibra can directly be (spray) painted. Due to the easy processing, Thibra is very suitable for making round shapes. The leftovers can be heated and combined to be used again. A sheet of Thibra can completely be used for your projects. With this versatile and easy to sculpt material it is possible to create anything such as: cosplay, sculptures, figurines, detailed surfaces, relics, frames, lifelike prints, masks, ornaments, armors, swords, shields, outfits, decorations, decors and more. The borders of thermoplastics are being stretched by Thibra.