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Repairs & Subcontracting

Repairs & Subcontracting

Modifications & Repairs

The team of Artisans d'Azure touches on several materials. Indeed, our main strength is in the leather goods of any kind. It's therefore possible to repair your armor, whether from us or another workshop, no problem.

Repairs and product modifications are charged into open invoice, according to the number of hours and materials used. A flash estimate, subject to change, is still made before the start of the contract. We reserve the right to reject projects on our skills and the complexity of the task.

  • Leather Armors
  • Accessories
  • Chainmails
  • Clothing & Costumes
  • Plate Armors
  • Shields

Moreover, the majority of repairs armor and leather accessories that were manufactured by Azure tradespeople are free because we guarantee our products against manufacturing defects.

For more information, please read the care instructions and various warranty policies:


Subcontracting Production
  • You have an item to mass produce ?
  • You have to design a merchandise and to manufacture it ?
  • You don't have a hydraulic clicker for your own production ?

These examples of need can be met by our artisans as they are available for production under contract. Our careful making and the respect of our promised delay indicate the reliability and the quality of our work, whether medieval-looking or not! 

Presse hydraulique pour la production d'articles en cuir