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Manufacturers & Brands

Manufacturers & Brands

Leather Armors and Accessories by us !

Before offering a wide range of LARP products, the main goal of our company is to manufacture leather armors and accessories. Our standard catalog is available on this website and in store. Our strength is the custom creations!


LARP Equipment by Bestarius

According the North American players needs, Bestarius distributes an exclusive collection of highest standards: clothing, weapons, armor and accessories. Do you will take out "the Beast" of you?


Injected Foam LARP Weapons by Calimacil

These injected foam swords have an international repute and they are a Quebec pride in the medieval domain. All these weapons qualify in the best weapons, both for the strength that their look. Calimacil weapons are guaranteed for 1 year.


Replica Weapons by Denix

This Spanish company produces all kinds of replica weapons. Our selection focuses on guns made with hardwood and finely worked metal parts.


Leather Accessories by Black Dragon

Martial Grisé explores the imagination in all its forms: history, writing, costumes and leatherworking. His useful accessories can be found in our shop. 


Leather Masks by Elixir Creations

This artisan live near of our workshop and she added to the Azure store, an endless collection of leather masks. Several styles are available: chaotic, animal, happy, dark, demonic and more!

These products are available only in store. You can contact us for custom masks.


LARP Equipment by Epic Armoury

These affordable products designated in Europe, perfectly adapted to all Larps players: latex weapons to the metal armor, passing by clothes and makeup.
All Epic Armoury products, with the exception of RFB youth range are guaranteed against breakage for a limited period of one year. Exchanges and returns are available at our store. See warranty details.


Leather Boots by Cuir FL

Since 1978, François Lapointe makes high quality boots and shoes based on history and customized creative crafts. Besides working for several films, he proposes, at our store, an interesting collection of medieval shoes. Handcrafted in Quebec, Canada.

These products are available only in store.


LARP Weapons by Forge du Jackalope

Foam weapons specialists, Jackalope's «blacksmiths» offers affordable and adapted products for LARP players. Their original designs will please many. Handcrafted in Quebec, Canada.


Medieval clothing by Leonardo Carbone

Business very well known in Germany, Leonardo Carbone produced cotton clothing for medieval games in a good mix of history and fantasy. We always maintain their costumes exclusively in Quebec.


Weapons Latex by Nemesis Workshops

These workshops are full of craftsmen specialized talents in the foam and latex and their magnificent weapons can be found in our store. The custom creations are also one of their skills.


Swords & Daggers by Palnatoke

Danish company experience, Palnatoke offers a range of off-common weapons latex, lightweight and focused on resistance, since 2002. Their thermoformed Evazote foam, their tempered latex and their excellent design are their qualities.


Chainmail Jewelry by Philancotte

The best chainmail jewelry designer has several of its products in the shop. In addition, rings, pliers and specialized chainmail repairs are also available through this experienced craftman.

These products are available only in store.


Latex Masks by Pirate Workshop

These artists have nearly 30 years of experience in masks creation. The colors and finishes have an exceptional quality. Handcrafted in Quebec, Canada.


Supplies and tools by Tandy Leather

North American leader, Tandy Leather supply, since generations, all the necessary leathercrafting equipment. We sell you the same tools we use in the workshop!