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Throwing Knifes

Throwing Knives

Having several throwing knives in itself is a very good way to do much damage with very little risk. Created for close encounter, thrown weapons normally have a range of 3-4 meters. This may seem little, but it lets you touch an enemy several times before it is close enough to hurt you with a sword or a conventional weapon. If an enemy is strong enough to take the damage of several throwing knives and still come hit you, simply run away and continue your barrage of projectile. Our selection does not stop with throwing knives: rocks, magic balls, hammers and skulls are also perfect weapons to throw at enemies. How about a bottle or a mug of beer? Made from injected foam or latex covered evazote foam, short-range weapons contain no rigid rod to ensure the safety of your victims during your next Larp.

Why let the enemy join you in melee?