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Short Swords

Short Swords

Come large and small! Short swords are weapons for everyone. Whether you're a nimble ranger who fights with two short weapons, a thief who uses his sword to threaten innocent people, a mage who possesses a magic sword to defend himself if attacked or the line soldier who fights with a shield, we have what you need. Short swords are very practical in LARPs because virtually any characters can use them. Since they are light and easy to carry, short swords are perfect weapons to defend yourself when playing a character who does not fight much. Just the fact that you have a sword will make potential attackers hesitate while if you walk without a weapon, you'll be seen as an easy target even if you are the most powerful wizard in the world.

Short swords normally have a length of about 32 inches (80 cm). Our shop offers short swords from several different manufacturers: Calimacil, Nemesis Workshops, and Epic Armoury