The Assassin

Step in the shadows

Become the ultimate assassin

While your combat skills are to be revered, it is your mastery of stealth that has made you one of the most feared opponents in the lands. As an assassin, you excel in the art of incapacitating your enemies and rendering them defenseless. Catching them off guard or sleeping allows you to defeat them quickly, sometimes without even have to engage combat.  

Our complete armor sets

Want our take on the assassin character? Here are the armor sets we developped with the assassin in mind. These sets are available in our store as standard products. You can order the complete set of each piece separately. 

Les Artisans d'Azure

The Outlaw Armor

Discover the Outlaw Armor

Les Artisans d'Azure

The Assassin Armor

Discover the assassin armor

Everything you need to become an assassin

Are you starting an assassin character of simply looking for some additions to your costume? Here is our selection of gears that best fit the assassin theme. Combine them to create your own unique assassin costume.