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Mytholon is a powerhouse in the worldwide LARP community. As the largest supplier for live action roleplaying game, they offer a large selection of products aimed at medieval fantasy players. Designed in Germany, their medieval gear is affordable and ready to be used in rough conditions. There is few brands that are as well suited for young Larpers or beginners, as rivaling Mytholon in cost-effectiveness is a big challenge. 


Tough, sturdy, and as affordable as conceivable, Mytholon's gambesons are among their most popular products. Worn as basic armor or under metal for comfort, gambesons are always a great addition to a fighting character set. 

Cotton Canvas

Mytholon products are made for LARP in mind, and as so are designed to be sturdy and to keep you warm when adventuring under the weather. From cloaks to coats and bags, many Mytholon products use the same thick cotton fabric to create tough and affordable medieval clothes and accessories. 

All Purpose

LARP Supplier

Mytholon is a massive player in the LARP industry worldwide, and there is no aspect of gameplay or costume bases that they don't touch with their large selection of products. 

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