''Regrettably, I have failed in my mission... But perhaps you can keep the torch lit... ''

Here is our astonishing set from Dark Souls 3, directly inspired by the Astora Knight.

The set includes a three part assembled scabbard with matching satchels. The armored skirt is covered in leather plates, and all the belts and the bracer are custom made to fit the original design. All the leather pieces are made from vegetable leather, dyed, woven, and covered with patina by hand. This epic full plate armor was made by Armurerie Marco Laverdure : it includes a massive helm with visor, a pair of asymmetrical pauldrons, an articulated gauntlet, and a pair of greaves covering up to the knees. The whole set of armor is madeof 18ga steel, and the aged patina as been added by our artisans.The cotton tabard in twill is doubled, with navy blue and golden jacquard inserts, and decorative ribbons on the borders. It can be closed at the front to make it easier to put on with the armor, and it’s accompanied by a brown denim scarf with patina and trinkets.

The shield and chain mail are from Epic Armoury Unlimited and the sword comes from Les Ateliers-Nemesis.

Leather and clothing by Les Artisans d'Azure

Armor by Armurerie Marco Laverdure

Shield and chainmail by Epic Armoury Unlimited

Sword by Ateliers-Nemeis