Flintlock LARP Musket with Leather Sling
Flintlock LARP Musket with Leather Sling
B3 Imagination Studio

Flintlock LARP Musket with Leather Sling


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It is now possible to enhance your pirate and musketeer LARP characters with this spring powered foam launching Musket! It uses NERF Rival balls and Mega Darts and will allow you to recharge in a similar way that was used with old black powder weapons. Make your enemies flee before your firepower! 


  • Dyed and treated Wood
  • Plastic Trigger and Barrel
  • Metal spring
  • Rubber flintlock
  • Leather Sling


  • Musket Length: 47.5in / 120.65cm
  • Weight: 2.15lbs / 0.972kg
  • Trigger pull: 4lb / 1.81 kg
  • Velocity*: ~ 65fps
  • Impact force (with nerf rival ball): ~0.032J
  • Finish: Brown Stain, Clear Polyurethane
  • Fires NERF Rival or similar foam balls. Also fires NERF Mega Darts
  • Includes wooden ramrod.

Made in USA by B3 Imagination Studio