Valkyrie's Armor with Skirt & Pauldrons - Torso
Valkyrie's Armor with Skirt & Pauldrons - Torso
Valkyrie's Armor with Skirt & Pauldrons - Torso
Valkyrie's Armor with Skirt & Pauldrons - Torso
Les Artisans d'Azure

Valkyrie's Armor with Skirt & Pauldrons - Torso


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Skilled riders, trained since childhood to fight with both spear and bow, the amazons kept for generation the reputation of being proud and skilled warriors. Imprevisible in battle, these combative women use light but durable armors, prioritising mobility over pure resilence, a choice that benefit them skirmishes after skirmishes, as they leave behind bataillons of scattered and traumatized men. According to some legends, these battle-hardened warriors aren't realy human, the blood of gods and nymphs flowing in their veins. In their villages, the amazons laugh at these fables. If this is what these men need to tell themselves to care for their wounded egos, so be it ! 


This women fantasy armor as been designed to highlight the figure as well as to provide decent protection for LARP events. Adjustable at the waist, the main piece is complemented by a pair of engraved and removales vegetable leather pauldrons, as well as a protective leather skirt. The biceps protectors are engraved as well to provide style and additional protection to this set. This versatile armor can suit various kind of LARPing characters, may they be amazons, shieldmaidens, elven warriors, barbarian princesses, or simple adenturers. 


  • Dyed vegetable leather 8-9 oz / 4 mm
  • Brown leather 9-10 oz / 4 mm
  • Dyed vegetable leather 5-6 oz / 2 mm
  • Antique brass plated eyelets, rivets, and buckles
  • Supple brown leather 3-4 oz / 1mm


  • Removables skirt and pauldrons
  • Adjustable torso
  • Shapely chest piece
  • Adjustable and removable biceps protectors



  • Small: 28 to 32 in
  • Medium: 28 to 32 in
  • Large: 36 to 40 in
  • X-Large: 40 to 44 in
  • 2X-Large: 44 to 48 in


  • Small: 24 to 26 in
  • Medium: 26 to 30 in
  • Large: 30 to 34 in
  • X-Large: 34 to 38 in
  • 2X-Large: 38 to 42 in

Hips (Belt)

  • Small: 30 to 34 in
  • Medium: 34 to 38 in
  • Large: 38 to 42 in
  • X-Large: 42 to 46 in
  • 2X-Large: 46 to 50 in

Handmade in Quebec, Canada, by Les Artisans d'Azure