Warwolf Armor Leather Armors Les Artisans d'Azure
Warwolf Armor Leather Armors Les Artisans d'Azure
Warwolf Armor Leather Armors Les Artisans d'Azure

Warwolf Armor


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Arslang, better known as ''the Crimson Beast'', was the most feared lieutenant in the Broken Lances' Horde. A feral and hateful man, he preferred the company of his war dogs and wolves to any human presence. Most of the time, he was riding alone, only speaking to his men in face to face, alone with the poor souls, as he knew this way he could make up for his lack of charisma with his sheer intimidating presence, and the violent threat only barely hidden behind his unnatural gaze. He was wearing a ragged cloak, woven by his own hand from the scalps of his many enemies and rivals, and his armor was displaying the hideous face of the great werewolves of old, with which he claimed he shared an ancient bloodline. He was an vicious man, deeply evil and impulsive, but since he took command of the Horde's scouts, no enemy managed to sneak past his vigilance. 


This vegetable leather armor decorated with black leather displays a ferocious wolf face, as intimidating as the warriors wearing it in battle. Protecting the whole torso and the back, this robust armor piece is perfect for savage warriors, violent warlords, bestial barbarians, and beastmen in LARP. This armor will undoubtedly add an intimidating aspect to your character outfit for your next event. 


  • Adjustable with straps
  • Removable pauldrons
  • Full torso and back protection
  • The shade of the dye can vary 


  • Thick Leather 9-10 oz / 4mm
  • Vegetable Dyed Leather 8-9 oz / 4mm
  • Flexible Leather 5-6 oz / 2mm (Straps)
  • Supple Leather
  • Antique Brass-plated Rivets, Eyelets, & Buckles

Waist Size

  • Medium: 32 to 38 inches – 81cm to 97cm
  • Large: 38 to 44 inches – 97cm to 112 cm
  • Xlarge: 44 to 50 inches – 112cm to 127cm
  • 2Xlarge : 50 to 56 inches – 127cm to 142cm

Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d’Azure