LARP Essentials : Must Have Items for Any LARPer

What items are essentials for LARPing?

A question often asked by newcomers to the hobby is what kind of gear, clothes, and items are a 'must have' for any LARPer. Some items are indeed so universally useful, or so direly important to participate in a LARP event, that you cannot really go without them. In this blog, we tried to make a list of these essentials to help you prepare for your LARP event.

➸ Essential Clothes

Medieval or setting adequate clothes are obviously the first items on the list. The goal of these clothes is to serve as the base on top of which you will build a character's costume. They might be plain or more complex in design, but for the purpose of this exercise, we assembled a few collections of more basic clothing for you to browse.

Decorum footwear is also important, but most LARP will accept any kind of leather boot without visible zip fly or label, from combat boots to various leather women's footwear. Just don't go LARPing in running shoes at a medieval event.

➸ Essential Accessories

Apart from the base costume, any LARP enthusiast knows that some accessories are completely unavoidable. Pockets are rarely included in costumes, and most of the time they aren't very historically accurate, to begin with. That means LARPers will need pouches and bags to carry coins, small items, and snacks around at their events.

From there, the need arises for a belt, so these pouches can be worn around the waist in an efficient manner. Belts are vital parts of most medieval fantasy outfits, giving a more authentic look as well as providing support to carry the other accessories, like the aforementioned bags, or importantly the scabbards of your weapons. These accessories are available in various levels of detail, but we assembled a list of simple versions, the true must-have items in terms of accessories.

While weapons aren't mandatory per se, it is fair to assume most LARPers will want at least a sidearm like a sword or a dagger, so they can participate in combat and defend themselves. Here is a list of basic and versatile weapons that can suit almost any character. Owning at least one is an important asset for your LARP kit.

  • ❧   Weapons (swords, sidearms, and daggers)

➸ Other Things to Bring in LARP

Most LARP events occur in the outdoors and will require you to have access to some utility items and camping supplies that could easily be overlooked by beginners entering the hobby.

To help you prepare, here is a non-exhaustive list of items you may find very useful to have at hand in a LARP event.

  • ❧   Camping supplies (a tent, a sleeping bag, etc.)
  • ❧   Bug spray
  • ❧   Food and water
  • ❧   Baby wipes
  • ❧   Flashlight
  • ❧   Extra dry socks and base clothes



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