We are going on an adventure!

Les Artisans d'Azure is a booming business, and every member of our team plays an important part in the realization of our mission. Each week is an adventure in the workshop, with new challenges, inspiring projects, and ever growing opportunities for our artisans, counselors, and our amazing support team. Meet the exceptional people that decided to made a profession out of LARP, and help bring the passion for this hobby to the world! 

Profil picture of SamuelGT in a medieval fantasty LARP Leather Armor

Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay


Ranger-King since 2005
514-564-1068 #5

The company's founder, Samuel guides the team towards the success of the business, while respecting the mission of improving the costumes in LARPs.

Profil picture of Anne-Marie in a purple and yellow custom costume of scribe

Anne-Marie Taillefer


Redshirt Knight since 2013
514-564-1068 #7

Formerly owner of the Atelier de l'Arbre mécanique, Anne-Marie will realize the costume of your dreams with a touch of never seen.

Mélanie Poirier


Bucolic Paladin since 2016
514-564-1068 #8

Involved in the universe of LARP for years, Mélanie promotes our passion with professionalism and constant joy.

Profil picture of Samuel in High Level Mage Custom Larp Costume

Samuel Gauthier


Purple Warlock since 2019

Pasionnate about geek culture, Samuel is an indispensable sales coordinator.

Profil picture of JP in a LARP Dwarf Medieval Fantasy Costume

Jean-Philippe Rodier


Dwarven Engineer since 2021

Member of the LARP community for more than a decade, J-P's passion drives him in his everyday task to keep chaos away from our operations !

Profile picture of Leanne in a historical medieval dress sca larp

Léanne Desmarais


Battle Witch since 2018

Combining both historical and contemporary techniques, Léanne uses her unique know-how to create your costumes as well as the patterns that allow us to make them.

Profile picture of Stephane our accountant with the Agrippa Calimacil sword and a renaissance costume



Lord of Mischief since 2012

Formerly an artisan for years, Stéphane now manages our bookkeeping with unwavering diligence and precision, ensuring the continued excellence of our management practices and keeping everything up-to-date!

Profile picture of Elyz disguised in fox-woman custom steampunk larp fantasy

Élise Bouchard


Mrs. Fox since 2014

Renowned for her outstanding workmanship and experienced cosplayer, Élise crafts carefully and meticulously your custom costumes.

Profile picture of Alexis our custom craftman with a beautiful musketeer costume in a larp tavern

Alexis Thibault


Mysterious Musketeer since 2019

LARPer for several years, he is an outstanding craftsman who loves to use his imagination on custom projects and make leather products.

Profile Picture of Raymond with a handmade swamp monster leather custom armor for larp

Raymond Bibeau


North Father since 2019

Longtime crafter, let Raymond amaze you with his delicate designs and artistry on leather.

Profile picture of Oussama our noble arabic merchant with a custom blue and yellow costume

Oussama Dahliz


Soft-Bearded Lord since 2020

Lord of legend, Oussama is here to guide you to your needs and wants in the store !

Profile Picture of Peg in a Red Custom LARP Costume with a leather mask and a magical spellbook



AlchiMage since 2021

With over 10 years of experience as the craftswoman of imagination through Isil / (I)LeatherCraft, Peg combines many ingredients for her creations: precision, functionality, originality and passion.

Profile picture of Luc

Luc Riendeau


Sorcerer of the Mist since 2021

Cool and collected, Luc has a couple of pieces of advice up his sleeves.

Profile picture of Jules in a dark magic costume sit on a arcanic logo

Jules Leduc


Loremaster since 2021

Our in-house actor, Jules will also guide you towards the costume of your dreams.

Profile picture of Yann with a coyote fur on him viking costume with a larp latex axe

Yann Jasmin


Viking Warrior since 2021

An experienced LARP player for many years, Yann brings continuous improvement ideas, valuable vector work skills, and a wealth of expertise to our production team!

picture profil of William in our full Wildwalker Leather Armor in a Epic pose in LARP

William Butts


Crow's Bard since 2021

An original creator inspired by all kinds of creatures, William is an experienced LARP player who brings complex leather projects to life. He is always ready to take on challenges.

profil picture of Philippe disguised in noble merchant for him next LARP

Phillipe Paquette


Smilling Jester since 2022

With his charming smile, Philipe is always there to help find the perfect piece to add to your ensemble.

Profile picture of Julie in unique design of a fantasy costume with a hood and leather acccesories



Monk of Versatility since 2022

Don’t let her tranquil nature fool you, Julie is a versatile artisan with talent in both pattern making and IT! Her passion and drive are what make her an indispensable member of our couture department!

Picture profile of Stephanie inspired by the theme of Mother of Blue Dragon with a nordic style

Stéphanie Lemire


Mother of Dragons since 2022

With many years of experience working leather, Stéphanie is an expert artisan dedicated at making the best LARP gear.

Profile picture of Jerome one of our artisan team with adventurer costume with a cape and a tankard

Jérôme Pilon


Emissary of Smiles since 2022

As an experienced artisan, leather has little to no secret for Jérôme! His passion for the craft and his good humor are what make him an asset to the workshop team!

Profile picture of Clara in a cute Skaven Larp costume with flowers

Clara Dumont Poulin


The Fashion Skaven since 2023

Her creativity and eye for medieval costuming is one of her greatest asset. Paired with her welcoming smile and enthusiasm, Clara will help find the best gear for your LARP character!

Louis-Philippe Labbé


Experimental Kojomancer since 2023

Since his childhood, Louis-Phillippe has been an active LARPer and tinkerer so it was inevitable that he would join our workshop as an artisan, following his family's artistic legacy!

Profil picture of Alexis a craftman in a Full Custom Plate Armor for LARP



Armored Minstrel since 2023

From the moment he took our leather training class, Alexis's passion for leather crafting grew to the point of joining our team as a leather craftsman!

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