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Handcrafted in Quebec, Canada, les Artisans d’Azure’s products are designed for Larpers, by Larpers. With a special attention given to durability and practicality, we offer a wide and constantly improving selection of leather armors and accessories, as well as high end or custom medieval clothes, and composite plate armors combining metal and leather. Since our beginnings in 2009, we have been working closely with the local LARP community to stay close to the needs and passions of medieval enthusiasts. Our mission is not only to provide quality products to our customers, but to be a living and breathing part of the great hobby that is LARP. Since every product is made by hand, often on command, all our catalog is easily customizable to our customers desires. We also offer our team’s skills for various custom projects, such a unique armors or outfits, or amazing cosplay.

Sturdy Leatherworking

Made of robust high quality leather, our products are created to resist the hardships of LARP, and the challenges of repeated use. They are all covered by a lifelong warranty on defects.

Handmade products

All our products are crafted by hand in our workshop in Montreal, our team of artisans proving the excellency of their craft by combining a large array of techniques, such as dyeing, stamping, sanding, and laser engraving.

Customizable creations

Since all our products are handmade, and often crafted on order, we can easily adjust any item to your preferences, may it be a custom size, a different dye color, or additional details. Contact us to ask about item customization !

Medieval & Fantasy
LARP Armors

Les Artisans d'Azure designed a wide selection of armor for LARP and medieval re-enactment. From high fantasy and exotic designs to authentic historical reproductions, our workshop created various leather and plated armors, as well as complete full sets of matching protective gear, such as bracers, tassets, greaves, pauldrons and helmets

Leather accessories

Les Artisans d'Azure offer various useful accessories for LARP and medieval events. From the basic necessities such as simple belts and pouches to high end satchels and decorated pieces, we craft all kind of utility gear, designed with the reality of the game in mind.

Meet the

We at Les Artisans d'Azure are very proud of our team of leatherworkers, costume designers, seamstress, graphic designers and other craftsmanship wizards. You can learn more about our amazing team here online, or come to meet them in person in store as well as during the formations we provide during the winter season. We are always happy to meet apprentice craftspeople and share some tips !

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Custom Projects

Merging the skills of our team of leatherworker and seemstress, as well as our network of local artisans, we can bring any concept to life with an entirely unique and custom designed outfit. In addition to LARP costumes, our team also enjoys working on Cosplay projects from games, animes, and movies.

Custom orders