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World-leading suppliers in matters of leathercraft and tools

Tandy Leather is one of the world-leading suppliers in matters of leathercraft and tools. Founded more than a century ago in the United States, they provide quality leather supplies and specialized goods for artisans and retailers, keeping the traditional techniques and the expertise alive for professionals and hobbyists alike by keeping tools and crafting materials available.

Tandy Leather

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Our experienced artisans are here and ready to advise you for your personal or professional projects. The official Tandy retailer in Montreal!

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Tandy Leather

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Tandy Leather

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Do it yourself kits

These "Do it yourself" kits will allow you to learn the basics of leathercrafting while being guided by a craftsman with an explanatory video. You receive everything already ready for your artisanal impulses: hardware, pieces already traced in leather, threads, etc.

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