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Les Artisans d'Azure, based in Montreal, Canada, manufacturers armors and accessories for live action role-playing games, leveraging our extensive retail and distribution experience to provide future partners with numerous advantages.

Joining our network of retailers means gaining access to our own collection of durable and market-friendly products, along with the wealth of knowledge we've accumulated over the years.

We offer support to retailers of all types, be it online, brick-and-mortar, event-based, LARP, or Geek stores, enhancing the Larpers experience. As one of our resellers, you'll enjoy:

Essential Accessories

Pouches, LARP Weapon Scabbards, Belts, and RPG Accessories: Affordable and designed products for recurring sales.

Exceptional LARP Armors

At the core of our reputation are our legendary leather armors pieces, conceptualized to captivate and astonish your customers.

Our Retailer Toolbox

We provide marketing support, personalized product recommendations, custom designs, a retailer-friendly transactional website complete with CSV capabilities, and expert sales advice.

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