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Les Artisans d'Azure is a manufacturer of armors and accessories for live action role-playing games located in Montreal, Canada. We use our experience as a retailer and distributor of other brands to help our future retailers in their growth with many advantages.

By becoming one of our retailers, you take advantage of our durable and easy to sell products. You also get some of the knowledge we forged over the years.

Les Artisans d'Azure

Wholesale Services

  • Rebates on orders of standard products
  • Dropshipping - Direct delivery
  • Marketing Support
  • Design and developement of exclusive products
  • Product warranty


Product Selection

If you want to see what you can get as a retailer, please visit the Les Artisans d'Azure brand section.



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Are wholesale customers allowed to use paybright at checkout?

No. PayBright is a payment solution for our Online store customers only. Any wholesale order placed using PayBright will be canceled by our staff.