Lord of Battles

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* History at your Doorstep *

In the world of historical re-enactment, few brands are as well known as Lord of Battles. A worldwide leader in manufacturing and exporting historical replicas, Lord of Battles offers a wide spectrum of products coming from the Antiquity to the Renaissance, including various medieval armors, jewelry, cutlery, and other everyday items inspired by archaeological findings or historical sources. If they specialize in period replicas, they also offer products catering to the fantasy genre with various film and television inspired armors. Lord of Battles’ products have everything to please Larpers, reenactors, SCA fans, or cosplayers alike.

Mail & Plate Armors

Lord of Battles holds a large selection of chainmails, plate armors, and smaller armor pieces such a gauntlets. Their mail selection is particularly diverse, from classic LARP butted mail, to flat rings, and the highly effective and much more historically accurate riveted mail, perfect for more intense simulated combat.

Plate Helmets

Lord of Battles has a great selection of plate helmets, even providing the same general design with variance from century to century. This attention to details allows you to truly display the evolution of armors through time, and pick your headpiece with accuracy for the period you wish to portray. If this is particularly true of Lord of Battles helmet, this tendancy can be observed with all their armors as well. 

Featured Products

Historical Reenactment

Lord of Battles is dedicated to bringing history back to life with its carefully made  period replicas. Past the obvious clothes and armor, it's often in the fine details that a costume can distinguish itself for its historical accuracy.

Lord of Battles doesn't let any aspect of life unchecked, and can provide not only costumes pieces, but accessories to experience life as our ancestors did. 

Leather Journals

With leather covers stamped with various historical and mythological inspired designs, Lord of Battle's journals and books allow some anachronistic reenacting, combining the convenience of modern paper with a more historical look. These journals can also be used as spellbooks for witches and LARP.

Historical Kitchenware

Horn spoons, forged forks, iron knives and historical meat spikes are all provided by Lord of Battles. No matter the time period, everyone has to eat, and no reenactor wants to break the ambient decorum when it's time to feast. Cooking plates, wooden bowls, and a other kitchenware are available as well, allowing to cook in true historical fashion.

Brooches & Jewelry

Lord of Battles provides a large selection of small metal accessories and decorations to give the finishing touch to many period costumes. Their buckles, fibulas, brooches, and jewelry are made of iron, brass, and bronze. Of course, most of their products are archaeological replicas, or inspired by genuine historical designs.