man with a custom larp coat in dark ambiance man with a custom larp coat in dark ambiance


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Your dream coat

The Customizable Coat is a modular clothing service that allows you to choose the finish of your suit in detail to suit the aesthetic of your dreams. It's a coat hand-sewn for you from standardized patterns, offering the finish and originality of one of our products while adjusting the length to your measurements!

Fabrics, trims, buttons: hundreds of possibilities!

bring your idea to life
design your own
Explore your creativity with our exclusive app, offering a variety of options such as style, sleeve, color, trim, and much more! Design the coat of your dreams and customize every details. We'll hand-craft it just for you.
create your unique coat

create your coat

Create your coat using our app for real-time rendering of style, sleeves, material and color!

meet an artisan

An artisan will contact you for a virtual or in-person meeting to choose your fabrics and take your measurements.

claim your project

Crafting the coat takes approximately 8 weeks; you can pick it up at the store or we'll ship it to you.

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Order and Customization

The Custom Coat Service turns your dream costume into reality! You can choose from dozens of options, allowing you to customize every detail to create a costume tailored to your aesthetic LARP character. Each coat is crafted according to standardized patterns, offering the distinctive quality of our products, while adjusting the length to fit your measurements perfectly.

3 easy steps!

  1. Create your coat via our app, visualizing your final rendering in real time
  2. You'll meet with an artisan, either in person at our Montreal boutique or online, to select fabrics, buttons and decorative trims with you, as well as measure the length of the coat and sleeves.
  3. We custom-make your project to your specifications, and we can send it by mail, or you can pick it up at our boutique.

Once the order is placed, we'll make an appointment with you to meet in person at our boutique in Montreal, or online via GoogleMeet. We'll show you a selection of fabrics, buttons and decorative ribbons we have in stock, similar to the choices in your order, and you can make your choices instantly!

Of course, Les Artisans d'Azure can customize your coat project even further! Not all options are available online, but it is possible for us to offer more material choices, different cuts, other sizes or lengths, and more. Contact us at

You bet. We can customize your order with paint, vinyl, engraving and more. Write to us at

As each coat is unique, it is not possible to cancel the order once the project has begun. You have 7 days from the date of purchase to cancel or modify the order.

Cost and payments

The starting price for the customizable coat is $550CAD, covering an appointment to discuss fabrics and finalize options, as well as costs related to materials and manufacturing. The total price can vary depending on the options chosen, up to a maximum of $2100CAD if you opt for a large number of options (such as lots of pockets).

We're proud to create customizable coats in our Montreal workshop! Since the coat is custom-made for you, and handcrafted by our artisans, the cost is higher than a ready-to-wear coat, as each project is unique and created on-demand.

Multiple payments are possible via the Affirm platform. More details.

Sizing and measurements

Here are the measurments for our available sizes:

  • X-Small: Chest: 29-32 in / 74-81 cm | Waist: 28-31 in / 71-79 cm | Hips: 33-35 in / 84-89 cm
  • Small: Chest: 33-36 in / 84-91 cm | Waist: 32-35 / 81-89 cm | Hips: 36-38 in / 91-97 cm
  • Medium: Chest: 37-40 in / 94-102 cm | Waist: 36-39 in / 91-99 cm | Hips: 39-41 in / 99-119 cm
  • Large: Chest: 41-44 in / 104-112 cm | Waist: 40-43 in/ 101-109 cm | Hips: 42-44 in/ 107-112 cm
  • X-Large: Chest: 45-48 in / 114-122 cm | Waist: 44-47 in / 112-119 cm | Hips: 45-47 in / 114-119 cm
  • 2X-Large: Chest: 49-52 in / 124-132 cm | Waist: 48-51 in / 122-130 cm | Hips: 48-50 in / 122-132 cm
  • 3X-Large: Chest: 53-56 in / 135-142 cm | Waist: 52-55 in / 132-140 cm | Hips: 50-53 in / 127-135 cm

We can customize the coat to your exact size. Write to us at

To ensure perfect quality and comfort, we adapt the coat to your size! We'll take the length of the sleeves, and the length of the bottom of the coat, so that it fits you perfectly.

The coat is unisex and built to a relatively masculine shape. Nevertheless, it is possible for us to adapt it for a feminine silhouette by adjusting the height of the waist. Write to us at

Fabrics and materials

For the customizable coat, we have a vast on-site inventory of fabric in various colors and types.

Basic fabrics include cotton, linen and other simple synthetics. The deluxe option includes multiple high-end textiles such as wool and silk, as well as luxurious textured fabrics like brocade and jacquard.

We don't normally send samples, since a personalized meeting is included in the project to allow you to choose the textiles. However, you can request one for a minimal additional charge. Write to us at

Unfortunately, it's not possible to bring your own fabric. This increases the risk of complications or breakage, as we have no guarantee of the fabric quality. It is possible, however, to include your own buttons or even decorative ribbons if these have been approved by our team. This does not affect the price of the project. Write to us at

Of course! Write to us at

The visualization application is simply a preview of the final look of the customizable coat. You'll be able to choose fabrics with our team of artisans from our vast available inventory. If our available fabrics are not to your liking, it may be possible to order them at an additional cost and delay.

Delivery and returns

From the first payment and order approval, it takes around 4 to 8 weeks before the coat is delivered. If delivery times vary, you will of course be notified as soon as we can.

Once the order has been placed, we will contact you within 5 working days to confirm fabrics, materials and remaining measurements. We'll confirm production times at that time. After that, simply write to us if you have any questions or would like details on the coat's progress.

Shipping is $20.00CAD in Quebec and $30.00CAD in the United States. We ship worldwide. Check our rates.

As this is a unique custom-made project, it is not possible to return or exchange the coat. Nevertheless, we guarantee that the product corresponds to the project we have confirmed together. In the event of a manufacturing defect or error, please write to us at

Contact and warranties

We guarantee that the product will correspond to the project confirmed together and that it will be durable for normal wear and tear. Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects, so don't hesitate to write to us at if you have any concerns.

You can write to us at, call us at -514-564-1068 or fill out the contact form.

Thank to l'Enclave Larp, Piovesan Photography and Martin Servant for the awesome main picture!