leatherworking on a leather custom larp armor to explain our steps of creations leatherworking on a leather custom larp armor to explain our steps of creations
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Since their beginnings, Les Artisans d'Azure offers this service for individuals and businesses. The types of projects are as diverse as our local and international clientele. The tailoring is a process taking place over several weeks, here are the main steps:

Step 1
Explain your project

The custom creation process takes a few weeks. The first step is to contact us to share your ideas. We can then determine the value of the project and confirm some details with you. Following the initial payment, the project will be taken care of by our team of experienced craftspeople.

Armors - Clothing - Accessories

Step 2

Based on the information and inspirational images received, we will evaluate your project based on the estimated hours of work necessary and the materials needed. Feel free to tell us your budget and the amount of detail required.

On request, it is possible to have an appointment with one of our craftspeople directly in our workshop.

Step 3
Beginning of the Project

Once all the details are defined, we can start the creation.

To formalize a custom project, it is necessary to make the full payment or a deposit of 50%. In all situations, no delivery will be made before the final payment. Choose your preferred method of payment.

Learn about Affirm Custom Project Financing

step4 sample of production of a custom tunic for a live action role-playing character
Step 4

Our craftsmen will realize your customized project directly in our fully equipped workshops.

Depending on the project and your location, one or more fittings may be scheduled at our workshop in Montreal, QC, Canada during production.

We'll keep you updated with follow-ups, address any questions, and share project photos. Your valuable feedback ensures the timely completion of the project, tailored to your specific needs.

Step 5
Project Delivery

The majority of our custom-made confections are made within a production time varying between 6 to 12 weeks. Some custom-made projects requiring special skills or materials can influence the lead time. Your project manager will inform you at the time of quote.

After the final payment, your suit will be sent via one of our carriers to your delivery address. The delivery time varies depending on the destination. You can also pick up your project by appointment at our physical store.

More information on orders and delivery

5 heroes walking in full leather custom armors for LARP 5 heroes walking in full leather custom armors for LARP

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