Custom Project Financing Custom Projects Les Artisans d&
Custom Project Financing Custom Projects Les Artisans d&

Custom Project Financing


Regular price $100.00 CAD

Shipping time:   Up to 8 weeks

The shipping time estimate includes the production and delivery times to a local or international destination. The unavailability of certain partner products is possible. Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about shipping time for specific articles.

*Keep in mind this item is only available in Pre-Order. It will have to be produced or ordered before it can be shipped.


In short, you've already met one of our artisan.

You've received your official quote with a selling price.

You can use Affirm to finance this project. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. Add this listing to your shopping cart with the quantity corresponding to the desired amount. For example, if you'd like to finance a project for $2,000, you add to your cart this 100$ product for a quantity of 20.
  2. Proceed to checkout using the "Affirm" payment button. Affirm will manage the credit application, interest rates, and number of installments, and you'll need to apply for credit outside our website. Once approved, the transaction will be completed. 
  3. Our team will then transfer your payment to your custom design quote. The project will then be approved and added to our production schedule. For amounts over $100 (dollars and cents), it will be possible to pay before the delivery of your project using our other payment methods. 

The minimum amount is $300 CAD or 3 of this listing. 

More information on financing on this page.

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