Engraving & Printing - Les Artisans d'Azure

Over the years, Les Artisans d'Azure have acquired different techniques to complete your custom creations and your specific projects. Vector drawings can be used with different computer controlled machines. This allows us to print, engrave and cut multiple designs and materials. Here are the services we offer:

Laser Engraving




Canvas printing


Vinyl printing on fabrics


Laser engraving and cutting

In the workshop, we have a computer controlled laser machine, which allows to burn images, draw shapes and precise cut logos. Its power and speed fit together very well with small custom projects or mass production. Several materials meet well to this technology. Digital images built in vector offer greater opportunities and reduce treatment fees. The ideas are multiple: guild emblems, informative plaques, custom boxes, decorations, photo reproduction, etc.

Types of projects

  • Border engravings
  • Complex parts cutting
  • Line engravings to prepare a hand embossing or a paint touch up
  • Guild, school or business emblems
  • Detailed and repetitive parts
  • Rise up to legendary level


  • Size of the work area: 16 x 24 inches / 40 x 60 cm
  • Power: 60 watts
  • Recommende file types: .dwg .ai .eps .wmf
  • Material: leather, paper, cardboard, fabrics, wood, foam and more.

Exemples of laser engraving and cutting projects

Discover our laser engraving machine in action


Electrochemical subtraction engraving allows a textured result on the metal with a slight depth. By covering the parts we do not desire to engrave, the process delicately groves the metal surface to reveal a unique design, such as runes, writings or guild emblems.


  • Perfect for customizing a metal armor
  • Allows to paint the interior of the engravings
  • Material: Regular steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Exemples of electrochemical engraving projects

Canvas Printing

Canvas printing offers all the possibilities of color printing, but without the weakness of paper. The printed fabric can be glued and sewn on various custom projects, banners or shields. Our craftsmen can create the design of your choice, from existing images or with our own drawing done by hand or numerically.

Types of projects

  • Custom shields
  • Banners
  • Original accessories
  • Unique touch up for custom clothing


  • Impressive size: up to 52 ibches/132 cm wide
  • Any color
  • Visible large fibers texture on fabrics
  • Weatherproof

Exemples of canvas printing projects

Vinyl Printing on Fabrics

This technique takes place in three stages. Our infographe digitally produces a vector design according to your needs and your ideas. Subsequently, the cutting of the vinyl is done directly in our workshop according to a classic choice of solid and opaque colors. It is still possible to superimpose different vinyls. Using a heated press, the vinyl will fuse with natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool. The result will survive several washes and multiple LARPing activities. To keep these designs, we advise you not to use the dryer, but rather to hang your wet clothes to dry.

Available colors

  • Black, Gray and White
  • Hot colors: Red, Yellow and Orange
  • Cold colors: Blue, Green and Purple
  • Metallic colors: Silver and Gold

Exemples of vinyl printing on fabrics projects

Please contact us to tell us about your engraving or printing needs. The feasibility and cost of the project will be estimated with pleasure. Everything can be paid by time or by unit.