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Handcrafted Latex Weapons

✧ About the Workshop ✧

Nemesis Workshop’s team has years of experience doing wonders with latex and foam, the company being in activity since 2005. Their worldwide renowned expertise with LARP foam weapons comes from meticulous and creative experimentation with composite materials and unique techniques that place their products at the high end in term of quality, aesthetics, safety, reliability, and balance. From historically inspired swords, to game and movie weapons, or exotic fantasy designs, Nemesis Workshop products are all handcrafted in Quebec, and highly customizable.

Made by hand

Every single weapon from Nemesis is carved and painted by hand. This careful craft allows the small details and highly polished finish that characterises Nemesis' weapons.

Resiliant Latex coating

Nemesis Workshop uses superior quality latex and highly specialized varnish that places it at the top in term of reliability and resilience for latex weapons, with minimal maintenance.

Adapted Scabbards

Nemesis provides LARP adapted scabbards for latex weapons, which are made of molded leather with a soft lining. These scabbards are the best way to protect the varnish and latex from abrasion.

Athena Range

The Athena range offers high-quality and affordable latex weapons at the cutting edge of technology. This new manufacturing process allows a permanent inventory for quick shipping.

Weapons & Scabbards


LARP friendly design

Axes & Specialties


Fantasy & Cosplay Weapons

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✧ Weapons for all characters ✧

Nemesis provides a large selection of weapons, often highly customizable with diverse kind of handle and finish. Orcs, vikings, demons, drows, high elves, rangers, brutal overlords, noble knights or nimble swashbucklers all can easily find a suitable weapon from Nemesis' amazing line of product.

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In Store

We keep a good inventory from these world famed foamsmiths so you can feel and see by yourself the quality of their craft.