Les Artisans d'Azure
Our Own Brand

At the core of our business is our production workshop where we skillfully craft leather armor, accessories, and clothing. To provide you with a comprehensive range of products, we have built a robust network of partners. Our team continues to excel as experts in the realm of LARP costumes!

Our Main Partners


Foam weapons made in Canada and designed for LARP that we have been offering since the opening of our first store. They are also one of our largest retailers for Azure Leather products.

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Leonardo Carbone

Besides being a retailer of this brand for years, we are also the Canadian distributor. This company, based in Germany, specializes in crafting affordable and versatile medieval costumes.

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Nemesis Workshops

Long-standing partners from Canada. We proudly retail their exceptional latex weapons and craft their Athena line scabbards on a weekly basis.

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Epic Armoury

We proudly serve as the Recommended Retailer and Return center for the global leader in LARP team gear, based in Denmark, offering a vast range of their products.

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We collaborate with this distinguished LARP clothing designer known for their emphasis on quality, simplicity, and practicality. Additionally, we serve as the Canadian Return Center for this essential German brand.

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Discover the finest medieval linen clothing available, meticulously crafted by a talented team in Ukraine. We proudly hold the exclusive brick-and-mortar retail rights for this brand in Canada.

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More brands & partners

We provide a wide selection of both local and international products, all sharing a common objective: enhancing the immersion of LARP costumes. To achieve this, we have carefully curated items from various renowned suppliers celebrated for their product quality and design.

Explore our diverse offerings on our website and in our physical store.

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