Azure Order

Affiliates LARP Program


Order's Titles

Azure Knight

Your LARP is an anointed member of the Azure Order. Your community will be given a code for online purchase, providing rebates on every products. Furthermore, your organization will be given a commission from every sale to any of your players or staff members, including in store purchase as well as online using the code.

Azure Paladin

By your commitment to the Order, your LARP has ascended to the high office of Paladin, a very exclusive title reserved to only two members of the Order. Your organization will qualify for exclusive giveaways and promotions from Les Artisans d'Azure in reward for your glorious dedication.

Azure Templar

The highest and most prestigious title in the Order is reserved to the single most dedicated member of our community. It provides exclusive advantages to your organization, no other LARP matching your access, your visibility, and your benefits, as expected of a true leader.

Azure Order's advantages

Give your LARP the means of its ambitions

Here are the basic features of the Azure Order, available to every anointed member of Knight level or above. Give your LARP the means of its ambitions and the visibility it deserves as a member of the Azure Order.


➼ Your LARP will be provided an exclusive promotional code;

➼ All online sales using this code will benefit from a 10% discount;

➼ Sales using the code provide a 5% (before taxes) commission to your LARP organization;

➼ Your LARP gets access to the details of all sales using the promotional code;

➼ This cannot be combined with any other promotion or used for custom projects.


➼ Members of your LARP community can name your event when they pay a bill in store to make a contribution;

‏‏‎ ‎
➼ Sales linked to your LARP provide a 5% commission (before taxes) to your LARP organization, visible on the bill;

‏‏‎ ‎
➼ This cannot be combined with any other promotion or used for custom projects.


➼ By the end of each month, the total amount of sale will be calculated and your LARP's ranking will be reviewed in the Azure Order, with possible promotion to Paladin or Templar title.

‏‏‎ ‎
➼ Your LARP will be displayed on the Azure Order page on the Artisans d'Azure website, with a link to your LARP's website and a short description.

‏‏‎ ‎
➼ The first Sunday of each month, the commission will be given to your LARP as a gift card, sent by email to your organization.

‏‏‎ ‎
➼ The minimum amount for a commission to be sent is 50$. If not met, the commission will be accumulated until the minimum amount is reached.

➼ Your LARP organization will also see their commission majored by 50% when buying discounted items in store, so come visit us!

How to

Join the Order

To become part of the Azure Order, you simply need to follow the link bellow. Our clercs will consult the oracles to learn if your event is true and respects the Order's code.

Register your LARP

Order's Members

Les Terres de Bélénos

Our Paladin

‏‏‎ ‎

Les Terres de Bélénos is a medieval-fantasy LARP game located in the Bois-Francs. It's a role-playing game in constant evolution, welcoming about 600 players at each activity, and this for many years already; Bélénos is known as a unique and inescapable game in Quebec.


Our Templar

‏‏‎ ‎
The next generation of immersive Dark Fantasy experiences is rising in the form of Ascension, a new medieval fantasy LARP game that has had a smashing debut with the community in summer of 2021.


Our Paladin

‏‏‎ ‎
Éklaizia is a LARP that stands out for its player-driven story, for the players, where your character's history and actions are taken into account and have an impact. Created for 16+ years old, the medieval-fantasy activity mixes PvP and PvE


Medieval-fantasy larp, mainly PvE, focused on character development and personal quests.


Fantasy larp inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's universe, "The Call of Cthulhu", and character driven.

Chroniques d'Akéras

Medieval-fantasy LARP in a world of magic, quests and adventures.

Ad Mortem

Immersive dark fantasy LARP with a unique universe, a game system and an interesting difficulty level


LARP full of adventure and emotion with great players and dynamic animation around exciting scenarios.


Cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic LARP located in Centre-du-Québec

Les Terres du Nogard

Medieval-fantasy LARP where the community plays as heroes and journeys through fantasy and adventure.

Les Terres de Galiardim

A medieval LARP created in 2006 in Mariacourt whose team is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience.


A LARP taking inspiration from History and folklore, Avalon insists on immersion and emotions.

Conflits Éternels

A medieval LARP with touches of fantasy and Renaissance, set in the Laurentides region


A fantasy LARP where the details are of great importance, and each participant gets involved in the narrative.

Terra Magica

A medieval fantasy LARP oriented towards action and adventure in a gorgeous setting. The game is always evolving and cooperation is key to succeed.


An organization dedicated to LARP immersion of a medieval-fantasy nature.

Le Royaume

A growing medieval fantasy LARP focused on immersive gameplay, high quality roleplay, and care for aesthetics


A medieval LARP with an hint of dark fantasy, it offers a balanced game created by and for their community

Au Nom du Roi

A geopolitical immersive LARP inspired by the universe of A Song of Ice and Fire and the Game of Thrones series

Le Domaine du Créateur

A bilingual medieval fantasy LARP oriented toward character development and deep storytelling


A medieval LARP focusing on inter family politics and rivalries, with a strong political theme and some fantasy elements


A medieval LARP located on a farmstead, welcoming tourneys and festivals

Projet Claustria

A post-apocalyptic LARP where the players must survive the chaos of an unforgiving world

Arkadia Médiéval

A fantasy LARP with a lot of magic, creatures, and mythic elements. Inspired by the medieval and Renaissance periods


A Vampire The Mascarade parlor LARP, or Live, played inside in a post-apocalyptic setting

Orbis l'Héritage

A high fantasy LARP where each player is at the center of play, with much tragedy and wonders to witness


A futuristic cyberpunk LARP setting the play in a dystopian corporate colony set on a new planet in the 24th century


Why create the Azure Order?

We were frequently approached by LARP and people involved in this hobby for cooperation and material assistance. With the Order, we hope to help these groups get access to more resources to increase the decorum of their activities, and give the players a chance to contribute to their favourite LARP in a new way. Of course, it also offers us more visibility, which is always welcomed.

How does the program works for my organization?

We will provide you a custom promo code that you will get to share with your playing community. Banners will also be provided to help you market this new offer.

Once this promo code in added to any online order, it will give a 10% discount on the buyer's cart, as well as a 5% commission to your LARP organization.

It is also possible for your players to use this program in store by mentioning their allegiance to your LARP's banner. By doing so, they won't receive the discount available online, but you will receive the 5% commission on their purchase (similarly to with the online sales).

We created a couple of banners and pictures to help you promote your code, you find them HERE.

How can we get access to the accumulated commission value?

You will receive the amount accumulated by your community's purchases in the form of a gift card to the email address we have on your account. From there, you can decide how you want to use the gift card. However, if you decide to purchase discounted items in-store, your gift card will be enhanced. For example, if your organization received a $500 gift card, you would have the following options:

  • •You could make a regular product purchase on our site or in-store and use the gift card as payment for $500 worth of products

  • •You can purchase discounted items in store. The discounts will be increased by 50% (e.g. an item with a 30% discount will be 45% off), up to a maximum of 75% per item.

When will we receive the gift cards or the items? How to choose between these two options?

We will check the state of every Order member's account each month by the first Sunday of the month. At this point, if you accumulated at least 50 $ in commission, you will get access to the funds, either by receiving the gift card or by being contacted about your in store selection. You can always change your preference for the way you access your commission by sending us an email at

Is the discount code available for my organization as well?

Of course, it is not limited to players!

Can I change my promo code or the frequency of my commissions?

No, you cannot change those two elements. The codes cannot be modified, but will be updated annually by the beginning of summer, at time for the LARP season. The timing and frequency of your commission returns are fixed and cannot be customized.

Can I see who orders with my promo code?

No, we have to respect our customers confidentiality and won't share personal data or names. However, you will get access to a listing of the products ordered with your promo code, so you can see what your community as a whole is buying. You can always access your portal to see this information.

Can I use the promo code for custom projects?

Unfortunately no, it can be used for standard products and in store items only. The Order's advantages can't be paired with any custom order.

I have a problem or a question, how can I contact you?

You can contact us at or call us directly in store at the 514-564-1068 post 1.