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Azure Order

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To help our hobby grow!

The Azure Order is a partnership program between the Artisans d'Azure and various LARP organizations. Azure Order members receive benefits through discounts, visibility, and commission on purchases made by their community.

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Azure Order

How Does it Work?

Give your LARP the means of its ambitions
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➼ Your LARP will be provided an exclusive promotional code;

➼ All online sales using this code will benefit from a 10% discount;

➼ Sales using the code provide a 5% (before taxes) commission to your LARP organization;

➼ Your LARP gets access to the details of all sales using the promotional code;

➼ This cannot be combined with any other promotion or used for custom projects.

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In Person


➼ Members of your LARP community can name your event when they pay a bill at etiher our Montreal store location or at our store in Bicolline to make a contribution;

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➼ Sales linked to your LARP provide a 5% commission (before taxes) to your LARP organization, visible on the bill;

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➼ This cannot be combined with any other promotion or used for custom projects.

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➼ 2 times a year, in April and October, the commission will be given to your LARP as a gift card, sent by email to your organization.

➼ The minimum amount for a commission to be sent is 50$ CAD. If not met, the commission will be accumulated until the minimum amount is reached.

➼ At the same time, the total amount of sale will be calculated and your LARP's ranking will be reviewed in the Azure Order to etablish the top 3 members.

‏‏‎ ➼ Your LARP will be displayed on the Azure Order page on the Artisans d'Azure website, with a link to your LARP's website and a short description.

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How to
Join the Order
To become part of the Azure Order, you simply need to follow the link bellow.
Our clercs will consult the oracles to learn if your event is true and respects the Order's code.
Register your LARP

Extra Perks of Joining the Order

It's more than just a royalty program. Strengthening the LARP community is one of our core values. Explore a range of additional benefits here:

Additional promotions for
Top 3 Members

At the biannual royalty audit, we honor the three most deserving participants. In addition to larger discounts and better-dressed players, they also benefit from increased visibility, including:

  • Logo prominence on our Member pages
  • Publications on our social networks

Find out more about our members here:

Networking between organizations
5 à 7 of the Order

Once a year, we organize a networking event exclusive to local members of the Azure Order. While we'd love to expand this initiative, meeting in person offers inestimable value! Take the time to meet other LARP organizers and share your ideas, challenges and passion. We don't often get the chance to meet and talk about our hobby, so make the most of it.

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For your events, use our
Medieval Room

Rental of our decorum room, located in the same building as our boutique in Montreal (QC, Canada), is reserved for Azure Order members only. Whether you're organizing a LARP or running a Bicolline Guild, you can rent this space for up to 50 people for a decorum event. It's perfect for guild meetings, game nights, banquets or other creative ideas of your own!

Members Exclusive
Surprise Bonuses

Throughout the year, we organize additional contests, draws, and sponsorships exclusively for members of the Order. These promotions are surprises that are reserved solely for LARP organizations. In keeping with our ethos: Elevate event decorum and contribute to the community.

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For Quebec only
LARP Calendar

We compile all your dates to display them online. Additionally, every year, a large poster is printed and displayed at the Montreal Medieval Fair, then in our boutique, providing an excellent opportunity to promote your organization and introduce it to new players.

Every month, we publish the monthly summary on our social media platforms.

Azure Order FAQs

We were frequently approached by LARP and people involved in this hobby for cooperation and material assistance. With the Order, we hope to help these groups get access to more resources to increase the decorum of their activities, and give the players a chance to contribute to their favourite LARP in a new way. Of course, it also offers us more visibility, which is always welcomed.

We will provide you a custom promo code that you will get to share with your playing community. Banners will also be provided to help you market this new offer.

Once this promo code in added to any online order, it will give a 10% discount on the buyer's cart, as well as a 5% commission to your LARP organization.

It is also possible for your players to use this program in store by mentioning their allegiance to your LARP's banner. By doing so, they won't receive the discount available online, but you will receive the 5% commission on their purchase (similarly to with the online sales).

We created a couple of banners and pictures to help you promote your code, you find them HERE.

You will receive the amount accumulated by your community's purchases in the form of a gift card to the email address we have on your account. From there, you can decide how you want to use the gift card. For example, if your organization received a $500 gift card: You could make a regular product purchase on our site or in-store and use the gift card as payment for $500 worth of products

We will check the state of every Order member's account each month of April and October. At this point, if you accumulated at least 50$ CAD in commission, you will get access to the funds, either by receiving the gift card or by being contacted about your in store selection. You can always change your preference for the way you access your commission by sending us an email at

Of course, it is not limited to players!

No, you cannot change those two elements. The codes cannot be modified, but will be updated annually by the beginning of summer, at time for the LARP season. The timing and frequency of your commission returns are fixed and cannot be customized.

No, we have to respect our customers confidentiality and won't share personal data or names. However, you will get access to a listing of the products ordered with your promo code, so you can see what your community as a whole is buying. You can always access your portal to see this information.

Unfortunately no, it can be used for standard products and in store items only. The Order's advantages can't be paired with any custom order.

You can contact us at or call us directly in store at the 514-564-1068 ext 1.

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