Our Mission: To improve the decorum in LARPing activities with authentic and accessible products adapted for those events.

Crafting the adventure

We deploy our know-how and creativity to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. To materialize the dream is to nourish and feed the passion of the plus-size community. We aim to create practical, durable costumes that tell a story with their striking visuals.

Fortify the community

We are the lighthouse that beckons the curious mind; the builders of a solid foundation around which passionate people, novices and veterans alike, gather. By nurturing our childlike hearts, together we preserve a bastion where LARPs can flourish. We are proud to work hand in hand with other players in the field, whether they're larpers, organizations or artisans.

Stay lawful authentic

We want to inspire the respect and trust of our community by remaining truely authentic to our values and passions. We embrace the controlled chaos that drives us forward. We maintain rigorous ethics in our work and relationships. Our values and passions define us.

Company culture

At Les Artisans d'Azure, our passion for LARP and its people is at the heart of the company!

That's why we're constantly evolving into a company focused on empowerment and self-management. Everything we do is designed to promote self-governance and employee fulfillment.

At Azure, our teams are separated into autonomous work cells, and our craftsmen and women are the key players in decisions and changes within the company.