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Be unique with a costume inspired by your imagination and character. From armor to clothing, custom creations from Les Artisans d'Azure will meet your needs.

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«My Valkyrie Armor is absolutely amazing! You guys were quick to custom make the pauldrons and greaves when they were OOS to guarantee I would have them on time. Very quick turn around time. Thank you for my beautiful leather armor!»


- C. Woodcock

5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

«For a long time I was looking for craftspeople capable of making ''my Norman Shield'', I exposed my project, in the end, a neat finish, work of quality and excellent service from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much.»


- S. Dubois

5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

«The rogue armor was everything I could have ever wanted and more, the people are very kind and keep track of the progress on your custom order. Great communication, amazing customer service, and absolutely amazing product. If you need armor, go through these guys, there’s nothing they can’t do.»


- G. Higham

Tailored Coat

A Custom Coat at a fraction of the Cost

Steps for custom creations

Since their beginnings, Les Artisans d'Azure offers this service for individuals and businesses. The types of projects are as diverse as our local and international clientele. The tailoring is a process taking place over several weeks, here are the main steps:

Step 1

Explain your project

Begin your quote

Step 2


Discover the 3 levels of details

Step 3

Beginning of the Project

Step 4


Step 5

Project Delivery

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3 levels of details for every types of project

Artistic creation requires several hours of work and the possibilities are very vast. By this idea, several versions can be made with different styles, but mainly several levels of finishing. To improve communication with you and meet your expectations, we have put in place three levels of detail. The more time we invest, the more detailed the project and the higher the final bill. Let's imagine together the costume of your dreams!

Heroic level

Armor Characteristics

Regular Leather: Black, Brown or Red

Simple and Efficient Designs

Standard Buckles and Rivets


Clothing Characteristics

No lining

No prototype or fitting canvas during production

Simple cut, finish and textile

No decoration

Partial adjustment

Simple and symmetrical designs


Budget: $

The vast majority of our standard products are of heroic level. Do not hesitate to order them with an epic finish for only around 20% more. Choose your colors simply!

Epic Level

Armor Characteristics

Vegetable Leather or arrangement of Special Leathers with or without Leather Molding
Custom Dyes, Patinas and Gradients
Embossing with Printing
Efficient and Complex Designs
Standard Buckles and Rivets


Clothing Characteristics

Partial Lining (sleeves/torso)

Prototype canvas with a fitting during production

More developed and adjusted design, with possibility of asymmetry

More choices of textiles

Decorations (ribbons, piping, buttons, borders)


Budget: $$

Legendary Level

Armor Characteristics

Vegetable Leather or arrangement of Special Leathers

Custom Dyes, Complex Patinas and Enhanced or Distressed Finish.

Combined engraving: laser, printing and hand-made

Engraved, rolled and/or painted borders

Complex Designs

Fittings during Production Available

Special Buckles and Rivets


Clothing Characteristics

Complete lining

Prototype canvas with one or more fittings during production

Detailed Custom Designs with Possibility of Asymmetry

Complete Adjustments

High-Quality Textiles

Custom Decorations (borders, engravings, embroideries, drawings, etc.)


Budget: $$$$

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