Protection Above All

The gambeson is a quilted garment with several layers of padding to provide protection and comfort. Historically put under chainmail, plate, or used alone as a basic armor, the gambeson acts as a big cushion to absorb the shock of an enemy weapon. Essential in historical LARP and SCA, the gambeson is a piece that can be combined with many other types of armor depending on the desired type of character. Made primarily of thick cotton stuffing, it will lessen the impact of your opponents blows, especially when worn under a coat of mail, metal armor or leather armor.

Kingmaker Canvas Gambeson



Padded Gambeson Skirt - Black - LB

Lord of Battles


Imperial Gambeson

Epic Armoury


Padded Armor RFB

Epic Armoury


Long Gambeson – Black

Lord of Battles


Late 14th Gambeson - Red

Lord of Battles


15th Gambeson

Lord of Battles


Kingmaker Gambeson




Epic Armoury

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