Epic Armoury

All Purpose LARP Supplier

* Trust your Gear *

Epic Armoury’s team pride themselves in providing affordable quality products made for Larpers. They offer a wide range of LARP armors, medieval clothing, accessories, and foam and latex weapons. Their weapon line in particular is well known for their low draw weight bows and latex foam swords, both realistic looking and safe. Accessible at a fairly low price range compared to other brands, Epic Armoury weapons are light and very detailed for an authentic and pleasing look. This brand also offers iconic medieval plate armor for simulated combat, as well as chainmail and gambesons.


Latex Foam Shields

Foam shields for LARP



Epic Armoury Bows


Mail & Plate Armors

Metal Armors for LARP

Latex Foam Weapons

Epic Armoury's weapons are well known for their hybrid composition, combining molded handles with latex coated blades. Light, nimble, and safe, these weapons are accessible at a fairly low price range. From historical inspired weapons from various periods, to fantasy swords, and wizard staves, Epic Armoury got your needs covered.

Makeup & prosthetics

LARP often involves makeup and various kind of latex prosthetic required to portray fantasy races and creatures. Epic Armoury offers a good selection of water soluble colored makeup, as well as various kinds of elf ears, goblin nose, and other FX accessories.

Medieval & fantasy Clothing

Epic Armoury line of clothing is sturdy and affordable, perfect for repeated uses in LARP. They offer tabars in various colors for soldiers, dresses for the ladies, east asians clothings, cloaks and hoods, as well as thick and well padded gambesons for the armored folks in need of better comfort.