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Burgschneider’s expertise in historical LARP clothing is grounded in almost 20 years of practical knowledge and research concerning medieval fashion over the centuries. Sturdy, affordable, practical, and authentic in design, Burgschneider’s products are great for LARP, SCA or any historical re-enactment. While heavily influenced by archaeological and historical findings from the Middle Ages, Burgschneider’s team also creates fantasy inspired clothes, but always keep functionality in their top priorities.


Period Fashion

Burgschneider specialize in affordable, authentic, and sturdy medieval clothes directly inspired by archaeological and historical findings of the era. Their line of product covers centuries of European history, from the Early Middle Ages to the Late Middle Ages.

Medieval Clothing

Authentic Fabrics

Burgschneider products are mostly using natural fibers and fabrics. Cotton, wool, linen are privileged as they combine historical accuracy with comfort and toughness, making Burgschneider a great choice for re-enactors and SCA enthusiasts.

Superior Craftsmanship

Burgschneider doesn't tolerate imperfection on their stitching, all their product presenting perfect and amazingly sturdy seams.Their clothes are also dyed by hand as part of the making process, causing small irregularities on the color for a more historically accurate finish.

Believable Fantasy

Burgschneider practical knowledge in term of historical clothing provides them with a unique expertise when time comes to create realistic and practical fantasy clothing. They offer a good selection of fantasy clothes, expressing this creative freedom for the benefit of the LARP community.

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A base for customization

Burgschneider keeps the level of detail on their products at the bare minimum to allow you to truly make their clothes your own. Don't hesitate to add embroideries and finishing touches to customize your tunic or dress. 

* Official retailer in Canada

Les Artisans d'Azure are Burgschneider's official retailer in Canada. We can handle return and order any item on demand to provide the best customer service to our clients.