What Does it Mean for us to Be a LARP Store?

What Does it Mean to Be a LARP Store?

At Les Artisans d'Azure, we define ourselves as a LARP store, managed by LARPers and for the LARP community as a whole. It's a place for roleplay and medieval enthusiasts, but how is that different from any thematic store?

Intent is a huge part of what makes us unique, as our mission is fully dedicated to live action roleplaying games, but this focus also means we made choices about the way we run our shop and what kind of product can be found there.

✧ LARP and only LARP

Les Artisans d'Azure is a fairly unusual store, and it could easily be seen as a curiosity store. Our showcase attracts plenty of passersby and tourists wondering what this place is all about. While we always welcome these people and like to explain to them our passion and the details of our hobby, they aren't the ones our store is made for. At Les Artisans d'Azure, LARPers are our clientele, and there is nothing inside our shop that serves no purpose for live action play.

What that means is that we do not sell trinkets or purely decorative products like those often associated with medieval fantasy. If you are looking for wall-hanger swords, dragon statuettes, or other ornaments to decorate your home, we aren't the right place for you. If we keep some kind of decoration in store, it is meant for a LARP encampment and will be sturdy enough to handle being moved a lot or exposed to the elements. We much prefer to focus on accessories that can be worn in game by characters as part of their costume or gear.

Speaking of costume and clothing in particular, the tunics, dresses, and other clothes we keep in store are meant to be worn in LARP events. We prioritize function and sturdiness above pure aesthetics, because we expect our clothes to be used outdoor and often in combat. We do not rent costumes or cater to the specific needs of thematic weddings or costumed parties. At Les Artisans d'Azure, we gear up LARPers, and everything on our shelves is about that single goal.

✧ Conclusion

All the weapons are made of foam and safe for mock combat. All the armors are made to be worn and not merely placed in the corner of a room as medieval ornaments. All the clothes are sturdy and functional. All the accessories are meant to enhance a character set or serve some purpose in a LARP event. Our tools, our supplies, our shopkeepers, our purpose is to assist LARPers and to serve the hobby as a whole. This is what Les Artisans d'Azure are all about, and we do not shy from it.

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