This year for Boxing Days, Les Artisans d’Azure invite your inner geek to participate in our Savings Throw Week! From December 26 to 31, let's roll some Dices!

On our Website, you'll be able to roll our special D20 wheel to win a discount from 1% to 20%! We hope you'll get a Critical!

Come at our store and we will give you the chance to roll to get a random % discount on any transaction over 100$*. And we have Daily Bonus!

Tuesday - December 26

Crit 15-20: You gain 20% Off a roll of 15 or above

Thursday - December 28

+2 Bonus: Add a +2 circumstance bonus to every roll

Friday - December 29

Reroll: Free reroll on any roll of 5 or below

Saturday - December 30

Improve Crit: On a natural 20, win 25% Off instead

Sunday - December 31

Take 10: Instead of rolling the dice, you can take 10% Off

*Conditions: With purchase of 100 $cad before taxes. Doesn’t stack with any other promotions. Non-valid for gift cards, custom orders and training classes. Not valid with retroactive and retailers's orders. Can only be used in-store on the same day. No exchanges or refunds during promotion.