Assassin Armor

''The luxurious chamber had its window ajar, the evening breeze flowing inside and causing the ethereal curtains to fly quietly in the candle light. The pearly white sheets of the canopy bed resembled a romantic painting from which the painter knew no color but crimson. Dark patch in the room, the artist of this tragic scene was standing near the bed, watching the warm red paint finishing to spread on the canvas of the bedding. He was holding in his glove a single black spiny rose, which he tenderly placed on the forever silent throat of his last masterpiece.''

This vegetable leather armor is dyed in dark and engraved with complex patterns on the borders of each armor plate for an effect evoking refinement and elegance. With its great level of details and the luxurious Strasbourg-Flora fabric inside the hood, skirt and cloak, this armor inspires power and prestige. The asymmetrical design of the pauldron and cloak only add to the sense of refinement and prestance given by this set. Light and mobile while offering full torso and back protection, this armor will certainly be the center-piece of any assassin, aristocrat, vampire, dark elf, noble or baroque duelist in LARP. 

Pictures by Lexa One Photography
Armor and clothing by Les Artisans d'Azure
Make up by Les Artisans d'Azure


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Assassin Armor

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