Burgher Cothardie

This gorgeous custom made coat and cloak set was directly inspired by historical designs from the 14th century. These pieces from the Late Middle Ages are enhanced by a clever choice of fabric and subtle details in the finish to give them a luxurious aspect, worthy of their owner's prosperity.

Made by hand, both of these cothardie coats uses different colors and fabrics, while following a similar cut, with full frontal buttonholes, as well as buttons on the sleeves. In the case of the blue-gray coat, the piece if made out of linen, including the handmade round buttons. The second coat is made of white gold and black Damas fabric, doubled with burgundy satin, and the buttons are gorgeous golden metal squares. The magnificent cloak accompanying this set is made using burgundy red summer wool with a golden geometrical jacquard doubling. The border of the cloak is decorated with crenellations, and it has cloth buttons at the shoulder.

Cloak and coats by Les Artisans d'Azure
Accessories supplied by the customer
Pictures by Open Shutter


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