Chaos Armor

''By dispersing all over the country, the few peasants he left alive spread a wave of dread from town to town. Magnus the Great Cultist was now preceded by a shadow of terror, his cruelty had made him into a monster no one dared to fight. His own horde feared him as much as they respected him, and the sacrifices to his dark god had never been so plentiful. As he was proudly reviewing his troops inside the war camp, his warriors dropped on their knees at the slightest sign of his armor distinct colors, or as soon as they spotted the outline of his pauldrons. At this moment, Magnus allowed himself to grin slightly. ''

Decorated by metallic rings, dark leather borders, and rich colored patina, this armor made of vegetable leather is truly an impressive piece. The dye presents an amazing level of details, evoking veins, fiery ambers, and crimson scales. In addition to offering a full protection for the torso and back, this armor includes an imposing set of pauldrons with leather crests supporting the same finish as the rest of the set, as well as a long stole. The torso is made from mobile leather bands that allow good flexibility despite the thickness of the leather. This kit also includes an helmet, as well as tassets, greaves, bracers, and articulated leather gauntlets with clawed fingers. In addition to these smaller pieces, a large belt support the lower torso and might includes a decorative leather skirt. This unique and impressive full LARP armor is a perfect fit for any cultist, demon, draconic knight, or chaotic warrior character. Its crimson red and detailed finish will guarantee you to make a strong impression. 

Pictures by Lexa One Photography
Armor and costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Makeup by Les Artisans d'Azure


Dark Magic Inspiration
Dark Magic Inspiration

Chaos Armor by les Artisans d'Azure

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