Corsair Admiral

Referring to the original design provided by the costumer, a talented illustrator, we conceived this asymmetrical custom coat for the Admiral Amaryss du Griffon. For this chocolate brown wool coat doubled with soft dark green cotton, we added a pretty set of golden belt buckles and straps on the sleeves and the front. You can also notice small leather winglet with antique gold cabochons in addition to rust colored pieces of leather with Nordic runes engraved on then. We also added large rings on the back, placed on engraved leather straps, some interlining on the front, waterproof nylon on the collar and shoulders, some fur on the collar, and an assortment of leather gizmos, wood marbles, claws and skulls that can be placed on pressure buttons to provide extra complexity for this amazing coat. 

Some additional details that can be noticed : we added subtle pockets on the sides, and the straps on the front are placed on pressure buttons, so the coat can be put on or removed with ease once it's adjusted. 

Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Design by É. Cormier
Axe by Nemesis Workshop
Pictures by Richard Dufault

Inspiration Pirates & Corsairs
Pirates & Corsairs

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