Dark Musketeer's Vest


This custom made musketeer styled set as been made using supple black leather doubled with Strasbourg floral burgundy polyester on the inside of the vest. The long sleeveless coat is decorated on its borders with antique rivets, and a fold on the back of the vest allows great range of motion for the wearer. Antique gold buttons have been used on the front to add a touch of flare to the outfit, their floral patterns enhancing the general design of the set. The cloak is an adaptation from our Assassin's set, made of supple black leather and the same burgundy fabric as the inside of the vest. Here, we decided to use a leather harness to support the vest, which is decorated on the front with antique golden details. This set is elegant and a touch dark, the perfect fit for a shady swashbuckler.

Vest, harness, and cloak by les Artisans d'Azure
Pictures by Karim Photography

Inspiration Renaissance