Gwendoline DelaRose

Three superb pieces were custom created for the Very Saint Gwendoline DelaRose, a LARP character costume for Bicolline.

The dress is an hybrid cut between a traditional medieval dress and a more modern style. With its blue cloth, embroideries, cherry hem, and adjusted sleeves, its the perfect balance between comfort and elegance. 

The assorted belt in vegetable leather is molded with a hand painted central coat of arms. It's adjustable at three different places thanks to a set of lacing for optimal fitting. 

The final touch : a majestic long sleeve coat in red summer wool, with a jacquard weave lining, and a large hood with rabbit fur trim. The sleeves can be rolled or left as it is. 

Belt and Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
Pictures by Richard Dufault


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