Honor Guard Set


A battlefield ready set of custom made doubled gambeson, high collar cloak, and wide tabard, this costume was created to be worn under and over a full plate breastplate. The gambeson is a sleeveless piece, made of thick doubled fabric with a false-padded finish, as well as white over stitching to enhance the design and give it a more complex finish. The gambeson's borders are doubled with supple brown leather, and the piece is closed with leather laces on the front and the sides, making it easy to adjust to wearer's size. The cloak and tabard are made of cotton and display a stark black and white contrast, and leave a widow in the center of the chest to show the steel of the plate armor. The high collar short cloak closes with snaps on the shoulder side, and is decorated with simple leather piece engraved and painted by hand with a yellow star over a red field.

Gambeson, tabard, and short cloak by les Artisans d'Azure
Plate armor by Epic Armoury